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  1. Say what you want against Roy Moore, but he slows down in school zones.
  2. The divorce lawyer is surprised when the very old couple comes in to begin the process. "How old are you two? he asks "I'm 86, she's 87," says the man. "And you want a divorce? How long have you two been married?" "Been about 65 years as of last fall," she says. "And, yes, we want a divorce as soon as you can get it done. We can't stand each other." "OK, I can certainly take care of that. But I have to ask, why now after so many years?" "We wanted to wait until the kids were dead."
  3. A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss, and a money launderer walk into a bar. The bartender says: "you guys must be here to talk about adoption."
  4. I don't usually get involved in these discussions, because really,what's the point? I think the legal troubles for DT will largely vanish. For the good of the country I hope so. No one wants a president Pence. I am curious how DT will handle securing all those large,soft targets around the world bearing his name. Will the US military be tasked with protecting Trump's assets?
  5. *Knock on door* "sir have you found Jesus?", "uh No. Goodbye" *shuts door* Jesus steps out from behind door with gun and says "good answer"
  6. LOL
  7. "Now there are enough 'Basic Safety Regulations' to choke Linda Lovelace" Wow you are old!
  8. Featuring Skratch/ D-jan/ Jim Disheroon I think Drew is in there too.
  9. When a passenger jet flew between me and my buddy while doing a 2 way sit fly.No shit there I was. Lucky for us we sucked at sit fly so there was a lot of separation!
  10. If it weren't for "dad", his daughter and then Son in law this noob would have flailed for years. RIP Jim.You will be missed.