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  1. I didn't realize that the Pilot and Solo were the same canopy...that changes the options a lot. I did send Aerodyne a message with the same question. Hopefully they say the same things.
  2. Waiting to buy until next season due to money. I spent my "fun" budget on AFF and the remaining jumps required for my license. I have some left but not quite enough for even a used rig at this point. I was looking at canopies in that size based on the manufacturer recommendations for exit weight and trying to keep the WL below 1.1.
  3. I'm a newly licensed jumper and although I won't be buying a rig until next season I've been shopping around and looking at what's available for somebody my size (5' 11", 230lb, roughly 255-260lb exit weight) and haven't been coming up with much. I've been thinking about a Pilot but the largest they make them in is a 230, ideally I'd be flying something in the 240-260 range. I'm on a Nav280 today and plan on stepping down to the 260 rental after a few more good landings on this canopy. I've also noticed that I'm pushing the envelope on a lot of the rigs I've seen but I should be able to get something to fit me and hold the canopies I end up with. My question is, do canopy manufacturers make custom sizes for larger/smaller jumpers than they list ? I know an easy solution to the issue is to shed some weight and I'm working on that aspect too. I've dropped ~25lbs since January in order to get to the point I'm at and while I'm still working on it, things seem to have plateaued. Ideally I'd like to drop another 20lbs before next season which would render this whole issue irrelevant but I'm going under the assumption that I'll still be at my current weight.
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  6. Guess who got their license today... This guy!
  7. The procedure might be a little different in the UK but here in the US some categories have multiple jumps involved. Typically (assuming no repeats) the first 8 jumps will only get a student through Cat-E and their first solo. Starting at the beginning all jumps are made with instructors only. Cat-A is one jump, Cat-B is one, Cat-C has 2, Cat-D can be done in 1 but most require 2, Cat-E is like D (1 if possible but usually 2). So you see, assuming the student is an average performer, there are your first 8 jumps. At this point the student is cleared for solo status. Jumps from this point on can be made solo, with a coach or with an instructor. Cat-F has 3 jumps including 2 clear and pulls from different altitudes, Cat-G has two different dive flows (docking and docking with fall rate changes) and Cat H could be done in 1 but will likely require 2 jumps (swoop and dock).
  8. That's close. You need a minimum of 25 jumps to get your license. That number includes any tandem jumps you may have made, the jumps you make in AFF and any jumps after AFF that you make whether solo or with a coach/instructor (all your jumps to this point had to be with 1 or more instructors, a coach is a lower level certification). After your Cat-E jumps you will be cleared for solo status. At that point you can jump on your own all you want. You still have several levels of instruction (Cat F-H with several different jumps each) in both freefall and canopy control that you need to complete before you can get licensed and jump in groups with people other than coaches or instructors. Make sense?
  9. Hahahaha. It doesn't work like that, Shh, don't say that too loudly. I know it, she doesn't.
  10. I've had some great instructors at Jumptown that have helped. It hasn't all been easy though. My wife is getting a little frustrated with the amount of time I'm spending at the DZ but I promised her I'd back off once I get my license. As for gear, I've got the basics; helmet, altimeter, audible, goggles and I have a jumpsuit on order. I'm looking at rigs but having trouble finding anything suitable for me that's used. My exit weight is around 260 and I've been flying a 300 and more recently a 280. There just isn't much used gear that's big enough for me (240-260 is what I've been looking for) so I may end up having to go new which is likely going to have to wait until next spring.
  11. I'm a new jumper, almost finished with my A license. I've been jumping at Jumptown in Orange, MA since starting an AFF Camp back at the beginning of May. I started with a tandem dive last August for my birthday. It was something I've wanted to do for years and when the opportunity to go with a friend presented itself, I took it. Anyway, that's my short, quick intro. Cheers!