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  1. Marcel, Any new info about the new DZ up North?
  2. Hey i know Elsinore, Perris and Oregon's ponds are all shut down and Sacrementos is dried up. But is there another pond on the west coast that anyone knows about?
  3. Own VC84 love it, had a VE90 before that. But a fair amount of jumps on a friends JVX74, XAOS 84, JFX 90. Enjoyed all of them, prefer either the JVX or VC personally. VC @2.2-2.6 - better overall than the same sized VE IMHO, openings, rear response etc.. Super fast, light ish fronts, dives for days, fast. JVX @ 2.5- Loved the flight characteristics, rears for DAYS!, openings at terminal are not as good as the VC (again opinion), turn it lower than the VC for sure little freaky at first. Xaos @2.3- Fun just not as fun as the other. Openings are beautiful sub and full terminal, shallow recovery (comparatively), stable. JFX @2.0- not my cup of tea, opened great, heavy fronts, shallow.
  4. 1) Have more coaching around the DZ teach people to be safe 2) High performance waiver maybe 3) Turns greater than 90 on dedicated passes only. 4) Spearate landing area for HP landing only. There are plenty of options to keep people safe and no of them involve banning a big part of the sport. If it were my home DZ that banned it, i would probably go somewhere else too...
  5. There are alot of options in that area, i suggest going on the DZ locater its an excellent tool i use all the time. Gold Coast is an excellent DZ, theres also Skydive Panama City, Skydive Live, Skydive Tuskeegee. All are within i would guess 4-5 hours of eachother.
  6. Awesome, thanks for all the info guys, looks like z-hills just got bumped to number one on my list!
  7. Hey there, me and my lady are planning for christmas travels this year, we've done Invasion and done Eloy's holiday boogies has anyone done Z-Hills, how does it compare (people, party, jumps lo's etc...) Thanks.
  8. Just goes to show, big canopies are dangerous.....all kidding aside nice read good info!
  9. Passing through Pattaya and I knew I had to jump here. First things first, getting to the DZ is a bit expensive, it cost me about 1200BHT from Walking street (downtown Pattaya)to them. The DZ does offer a bus for 200BHT or free for tandem students. The office is nice and well kept and the lady behind the counter speaks good english, they have the typical waiver and paperwork like every place in the states, and require the typical stuff from you. The instructors are very friendly and welcoming, I received and excellent drop zone brief and a good tour of the facility and landing area. I got to check out the rental gear, its in good shape new-ish and well maintained, there is also a rigger onsite who can do same day reserve repacks too. The Porter looks to be extremely well taken care of and is pretty darn quick to altitude (think motor modded caravan), and it takes 5 fun jumpers to make it go. Yes there are hours that the DZ is "allowed" (Tai politics) to go to 13.5k about an hour in the am and an hour in the evening, they don't hide it and make sure you get a chance to get on it, otherwise your getting out at about 9-9.5k feet, but there working to get the restriction removed. Landing area is pretty big has lots of flags and no real obstructions and an arrow for those that can't figure out the whole landing thing. Outs are a bit scarce around however, a LARGE lake makes up most of it, and farms (rice?). Jump tickets are on par with prices in the states 950BHT (27-30usd) depending on the day, and about 6 per pack job. Overall its a darn good drop zone I am truly impressed for the region it is in, very professional and well kept and worth the stop if your ever around.
  10. Hey there I'm traveling to the PI for work I'm heading to Manilia and Subic bay, i know theres a place to jump in Cebu but thats a far trip from where i will be. So does anyone know of a spot in the northern PI? thanks guys. -Blues
  11. So, while at the sunpath open, i got a metric TON of advice from alot of the really good guys in our sport. I am coming home with a ton on my mind and a lot to work on. I just wanted to throw a shout out to the guys that helped a ton, Ian, Jared, Justin, Yuri, Paul thanks a ton you guys rock. As for the critisims on here thank you for the positive feedback, i was made aware of somethings i was doing (that I was unaware of) that i will be focusing on and cleaning up. I have some high pulls in my future to take what i've been told and apply it before i take it to the ground, again thanks for your support i appreciate it.
  12. hmm i really expected more of a response to this, was hoping aggiedave or ian would drop in and share their opinion.
  13. try and leave it soak in the woolite for a few days, see if that helps.
  14. my advice, wait till have a few more jumps. Then ask around your home DZ to experienced instructors and jumpers about advice. Jump as many demo canopies that you can (i.e DZ rental gear) and figure out what you like. This sport has LOTS of gear options its best to go into such a big investment well informed, it will help you make a better decision and keep you happier longer.
  15. I found it hard to tell a difference between the two videos myself, looks the same to my eye as well, i blame the GO Pros wide angle lens.
  16. WL's are listed above, initation is 680' on my 107 and 800' on the 97.
  17. quote]you need to click the "url" button, paste link and click the "/url" button
  18. I've been working my butt off to get more dialed and really grow and learn in this discipline. I've had some excellent coaching and continue to work with him regularly to constantly improve, learn and grow. Here are a few of some of my better ones throughout my training. Please offer constructive criticism if you have it, im an information whore. Yellow and black canopy: KA107 [email protected] Green/white/silver/black: KA 97 [email protected] (i just got it still dialing it in) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZSRDJJCyZM&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8tQG9AX3Rk&feature=youtu.be edit: dont know why they didnt hyperlink sorry about that.
  19. "zippo research" haha, i'm sure it will all work out. Thousand ways to skin a cat, isn't that what they say.
  20. i like it the most out of the ones i've tried (UPT, PD, NZ). Small rings easy to hook back up and its priced comparatively to the others. It slides over my front risers just fine not the rears though, they just at the guide ring.
  21. So i did a search and haven't been able to find anything on the Chupacabra RDS, I have one so I thought i would write up a review. The system is built by Jojo (pronounced yoyo) the rigger at Skydive SanDiego under his company Thrill Inc. The lead time is very short, 3 weeks i believe and working with Jojo was a pleasure. First off the RDS rings themselves are smaller that anything else i've used before, very well machined and sturdy, the slider also is well built and very stout. Hooking the system back up is a breeze and a 30 second affair. When under tension the cutaway cords are locked into the RDS rings and provide a very secure connection. Over all I'm very happy with the system, its simple easy to use and less of a pin in the butt to hook back up than the UPT or PD RDS's. Take a look www.thrill-inc.com
  22. i love my Solo, cheap easy always works. Although if i could do it again maybe a pro track, doubles as a good data logger. I dont really think you can go wrong here theyre all good.