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  1. Looks like it'll be a blast being able to wingsuit by your buddies skiing and snowboaring. Wingsuit physics look pretty arcade like unfortunately though. I saw some gameplay where someone exited off a 30-50ft hill and just started flying instantly haha The only wingsuit game I've found that has really good and realistic physics is Volo Airsports. https://volo-airsport.com/ Indie game that's not super polished but the physics make it better than any other wingsuit game IMO.
  2. Just received the following email from grubb000 a few minutes ago about something I have in the classifieds. "Hello , I'm really glad with the content of your mail,Thanks so much for everything, Please help me take proper care of it because I believe by now it belongs to me.I am okay with the price and condition of the ITEM..Please DO NOT respond to anybody again .About the shipment,I will take care of that myself.. I shall contact a shipping company that normally does that for me.I shall pay in US Money order or Cashier Check that will clear into your account within 24/48 hours before will can proceed on the shipment immediately after it clear you will deduct your own cost and transfer the rest of the fund to the shipping company in order for them to come for the pickup of item to take place in your location... I am really glad that you want me to get the ITEM and my family will be happy also when I get it,Because i really needed it for presentation Please email me back today. I'll need your data for the check, viz; FULL NAME....... CONTACT ADDRESS........ ASKING PRICE............ CITY........ STATE............ ZIP CODE......... PHONE NUMBER......... Please mail me today to let me know I am the rightful owner...and also to let you know that the payment will be issued out within 48 hours..here is my phone number (575) 618-3115 for more details...Thanks for selling to me.am located in CHICAGO IL.... Cheers" PS. I didn't reformat anything, that's how the e-mail was laid out.
  3. Ya, now that you mention I do remember seeing him post those pics. Weird, I double checked with my friend and his tail definitely extends more. Not sure why, it was just a normal order through squirrel's website, no special requests or anything.
  4. Actually they shortened the tail, so its the same length as the floor. This was a change they made after the videos. I'm not too sure though, my buddy just received his Freak and it has a longer tail like in the promotional video. I know on the website when you go to place an order though it does show the tail ending at the feet.
  5. Since the Micro Studio 4K version doesn't support internal/native recording would you also mount an external recorder if you were to jump it?
  6. Veryyy interesting. Noticed they also have the Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K version too. The regular version differentiates between which fps it can shoot with global shutter and rolling shutter. I didn't see that differentiation with the 4K version, would that means the 4K version can shoot all specified fps with global shutter? I looked through all there technical specifications but couldn't find it specified anywhere.
  7. I don't jump there very often anymore but the DZ I started jumping at a few years ago hasn't used DVD's in at least 3 years, maybe more. Tandem students include their e-mail in the waivers and then within 24-36 horus (I think) they get sent online links to where the content is hosted and can be downlaoded.
  8. So I think we all get the point that you clearly don't have an issue with your suit swallowing handles. Can you not at least concede that it is possible on a different rig with a different sized body?? Have you even tried hooking it up to a variety of different rigs on different people? It seems you tried 1 suit with 1 rig on 1 person and have come to the conclusion that everyone else must be crazy because it works for you. I don't see why you are so defensive when people are simply trying to discuss the issue. I still haven't tried any suits from squirrel so I can't give any personal opinion. Just seems that you are absurdly certain in your conviction that it is impossible for this to be a real issue. Unless you have tried this on multiple different rigs with different body types I don't know how you can be so sure of yourself.
  9. Me and a couple of friends are thinking of heading to the Ranch in late April. I'm hoping to do basically all wingsuit jumps while I'm down there and I was just wondering if there were any wingsuit locals from The Ranch who'd be up for some jumps?
  10. Looks like you can start pre-ordering the new Havok starting tomorrow. http://www.phoenix-fly.com/news_events/news_phoenix_fly/phoenix-fly_2014_product_line_-_havok_carve
  11. 1) What problem is it fixing? 2) Can we just get a couple pictures and words about how it works instead of a 4 minute video? From the description of the video it sounds like they want to make deployment on large wingsuits easier. This is what the description said "We are a bunch of people who strongly believe that the wingtip pouch should become THE standard among wingsuit deployment systems! The goal of this work is to make parachute opening much more easier when flying a (large) wingsuit. I developped it after loosing a handfull of good base jumping friends. I am convinced that the wingtip pouch can save lives." Doesn't look like this is something that would be advantageous for mid size wingsuits in the skydiving environment. I don't fly big suits or base jump though so maybe the people who do will see more potential in this
  12. Tonysuits just added a trackingsuit to their lineup to http://www.tonywingsuits.com/masai.html
  13. C7JM

    Bending elbows

    Awesome video. I've got around 130 wingsuits jumps and this is really where I wanna go. 2-way dynamic flying just looks like so much fun!
  14. That just seems like a very presumptuous and disrespectful thing to say coming from somebody with zero experience. We all were new once (I still consider myself a relatively new skydiver, and a very new BASE jumper). We all asked ridiculous questions. I just took offense when he started talking about how other jumpers are "idiots" for going in, and how his bicycle skills give him a qualified view of the sport. But whatever. Internet! I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking you are a complete prick. By the way, I was correct last time. You said a friend of yours died so that makes you -1 friend. I really hope you see him soon. I was pretty much on your side till this post. Yes there were people giving you negative comments about your approach to the whole situation but that was uncalled for. Once you made a death threat over an internet argument you pretty much lost all credibility. Like others have said I would recommend you just stop posting here till you've got some real world experience. Especially after issuing a death threat, I doubt you will receive any more good advice on here.