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  1. NATiON

    Exit Order Safety

    my only concern with this is what to do with newbie solo belly fliers pulling high.. I say put them out last. if they screw up they can't hurt anyone. if they go first, track up jump run and then pull at 5k you could end up in trouble.. Why trust a newbie to fly and pull properly? If they are out last then no matter what happens in their jump, it shouldn't affect the rest of the group. Thoughts?
  2. This fool just sent me a reply for my canopy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS IDIOT... Username => chriscooper1890 URL => Name => Wilfred Peterson FromEmail => [email protected] City => Country => USA Comments => Is your canopy still available for sale?I will like to know the final asking price and I will like to pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and will you let my pick-up agent to come to you house for the pick up?Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly get back with more pictures. Regards
  3. I have a pulse 170. I have put 180 jumps on it. Its opens nice and flies great. Its probably the best canopy for a newbie at 1:1. The downfall to this canopy is the flare. It sucks compared to the sabre2. I would say get a pulse as your first sport canopy then a sabre2 when you are ready to downsize.
  4. NATiON


    After 130 Jumps on this canopy, I feel i can give you a pretty solid review. Ill keep this short and sweet. -The canopy Packs better than any canopy out there Period. -Openings are Soft and on heading. Probably the nicest openings of any canopy I have flown. 600-700 ft snivel on average. -Toggle input is nice and soft and the canopy turns about the same as the sabre 2. but with a far better glide. long spots are not a problem. - front risers are pretty stiff. Rear stalls are fun. give it a try. this canopy has great recovery. - FLARE.. Well.. there really isnt any.. sorry but its true.. Im loading it 1:1.1 and if there is a flare in this canopy I cant seem to find it. If you dont mind skidding in your landings then dont worry about it. Keep your speed up and you can run out the landings if you want. PD changed the brakes on the bigger Pulse canopies because of bad flare.. I think they should address this issue on all of them.. If you wrap the toggles and bring it to the edge of stall you can feel the same flare as a sabre2. I dont like risking a stall so i dont do this. The bottom line is that this canopy is awesome - PD Please fix the Brakes, and this canopy will dominate. Im still considering a new Pulse 150. Cheers, James
  5. Hi Alex, I dont know if you remember me but i was sitting with you guys on the picnic tables when you girls did your first jump or tandems. That sucks you had a bad experience but just remember all the other great people you met and all the fun you had! I seem to remember you laughing a lot that day out at the landing area. I know we all had a great time!!:) I suggest you come down to Big Sky on a weekend if possible and hang out and get your Jump plans sorted out. There are a lot of great instructors there that will gladly help you with any questions you have, The Food is awesome, and you can even stay for a fire at the end of the day! If you cant come down then just give Big Sky a call and let them know who you are. Im sure they will be tripping over themselves this time to help you out!!! I know I would be. If you are still Leary send me a message and ill help you get it sorted out. Dont let 1 person ruin your fun! Come Jump and ill see you at 12.5!! ;) Cheers, James
  6. hey Sparky, the ad is not listed as a scam yet that i can see. check it out.
  7. dissapointing to see that even after 2 attempts to report this guy as a scammer, the ads are still up.. someone is dropping the ball on this one. i hope nobody else gets ripped off..
  8. Ok I just got this from the guy on the same rig that was already sold to Gowlerk No Paypal. Send the payment via Moneygram money transfer to the name of my wife: Joann K. Salter first name: JOANN middle name: K Surname: SALTER Address: 4033 Silver Lake Terrace, St Anthony, MN 55421 Send the Moneygram and also email me the Moneygram Transfer Confirmation slip. Yes I can ship via ups, send your shipping address. NB: DO NOT TRY TO SEND THE MONEYGRAM ONLINE. YOU MUST GO TO WAL MART OR ANY OTHER MONEYGRAM OUTLET IN PERSON WITH THE CASH TO SEND IT. Expecting your email with the Moneygram Transfer Confirmation slip. Cheers, Michael
  9. Thanks Ian! see ya on saturday man and ill tell you the story about this goofball. GOWLERK.. Man i hope you didnt get scammed. Was it the wings rig? ill email him now and offer to pay him and see what he says.. stand by
  10. HI Guys, I didnt know where else to post this, and i reported him as a scammer but nothings been done. i just dont wanna see anyone get ripped off.. ID: 131915 | Michael Weber (atthew) Check this guy out and his other ads. they all have different names/locations. looks like he has changed his id or name a couple of times?? he even posts that he wants to buy gear and only wants it rigger inspected. But when i asked him to do the same he refused. I asked him where his home DZ was and for references and he did not reply.. heres a copy and paste of the emails. ----------------------------------------------------------------- No Paypal and no rigger third party. Its a bunch of stress. I will accept half now half later after you inspect the rig. How about that? -----Original Message----- From: James Nation To: Michael Weber Sent: Tue, Aug 28, 2012 12:42 am Subject: Re: Wings W14, Sabre2 190, PD Reserve Hey Michael, He is very interested, we can sort this out. Firstly. He would like to use PayPal. He can pay the transaction fees so it won't cost you anything. It's just a very safe way to send money for both parties involved. He would also like some info and to get a rigger involved if possible. As you can understand its a $3000 deal so he just needs some assurance that everything is legit. What's your home DZ? Can we get your rigger to "middle man" this deal? Please let me know and let's get this deal rolling. Cheers James On 2012-08-27, at 5:08 PM, "Michael Weber" wrote: Hi James, Ok I will let your buddy have it.$3000 Shipping to Canada will cost you additional $49 Making $3049 I will accept payment via Moneygram money transfer to the name of my wife: Joann K. Salter first name: JOANN middle name: K Surname: SALTER Adress: 4033 Silver Lake Terrace, St Anthony, MN 55421 Send the Moneygram and also email me the Moneygram Transfer Confirmation slip. Things go fast here and I have a couple of people seriously interested, But I decided to let you have it because my mum is Canadian. I advise you do it immediately and let me know. I will give you till the end of tomorrow Tuesday. Cheers, Michael Weber also if you do a goole search for the address of his "wife" you will see.. Jerry Faust - 4-Year Term Ends 1/1/16 4033 Silver Lake Terrace St. Anthony, MN 55421 Phone: 612-789-7684 E-mail: [email protected] here is the webpage for this address... there is no doubt that this guy "Michael Weber" is a scammer..
  11. Thanks for all the input here. although some of it has gone way off track. I am not claiming to be anyone above average or anything like that. in fact I have even said myself that i downsized pretty fast and im aware of this risk. Facts. I bought this gear on my own doing. My multiple instructors with 6000+ jumps all supervised me and made me do all the different types of landings under canopy to satisfy them with my newbie skills. xwind downwind flat turn etc.. I pretty much have a c2 watch every landing. I was off radio by about jump 5 or 6. ive put more than 10 jumps on this canopy now and im at about 30 jumps. so far im having fun with it and have been practicing up high. I have had so many people with 1000+ jumps tell me that for my size and skill level a 1:1 is a good start. play safe and learn the canopy up high.. Some are going to disagree with this obviously. But these are the guys that are watching me fly so i have to trust their judgement somewhat. I dont claim to be anything but a rookie so if anyone can offer up some great advice that would be awesome.. dont post some crap about a swooper piling in and telling me i think i have mad shills.. wtf. thats not relevent here. Thanks for all the great input from the peeps that have offered up their time to give me GOOD advice. i appreciate it guys. Im just trying to learn. Cheers,
  12. lol somehow i wanna say I know what you mean but i dont know how to say it.. haha
  13. Cool thanks ill keep at it. been practicing the flat turns and riser stuff. ill now work on this set of tasks! thanks sundevil.