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    Skydive The Farm

    On april 24, 2011, My roommate and I went there for our first jump ever! And what an amazing experience! Being a true beginner, I do not have anything to compare to. However I'd like to say that neither of us felt like we were lost or kept out of the loop. We drove 5 hours to get there and in our hurry, we got there really early. We knew we had chosen the right place when as we passed the plane(as soon as you turn in, there is a small hanger with a plane), pilot waved to us with a smile. Atmosphere seemed open and welcoming. We got to just walk around for a few before we walked into the office area and check in. DZO was very welcoming and friendly. While we were waiting for staff to come in, we were greeted by various staff an jumpers. I guess we stood out. :) we were able to speak with people with 16 jumps to thousands. We could not tell from staff and regular jumper due to the fact that thy were all speaking to us and encouraging. There were people from all over the world here in little town in GA! New York, Hawaii, and possibly British or Australian(according to the accent) to say the least. Once we got settled in we were introduced to our tandem instructors whom put us in ease and downright hilarious! Turner and Agent Lead helped my roommate and I into our tandem harness as they explained and just chatted with us. While my videographer, Will, filmed us. We waited just a few minutes before the plane came to us. The load was just 3 tandem jumps but DZ still provided quick service. No long bus ride, we just walked 50yards to the plane. Even in the plane, instructors put us at ease by chatting and going through the procedure again. It was very relaxing and casual ride up to 15000ft. Before the exit, safety was addressed again. Then we went! I don't have to explain how that was. You'd have to go through to know it! Agent Lead was very skilled and it was exhilarating and smooth ride. Scenery was amazing and landing was cake. We got a ride back to the main hanger and people congratulated us and welcomed us to skydiving. I got to take a pic with my instructor and sign his log as #1274. We left shortly after but it was a great experience. I gather from other comments some prefer bigger planes but I am not sure how it matters since I'm new at this. I thought it was just great. It has been a few weeks and I still can't get it out of my system. I want to go back up. I am saving up for AFF course. I'd love to do it at The Farm but it is a long drive for me. I however would like to do my first solo jump there once I get my A license. I will always cherish it as it was my first DZ and in a way, home DZ. thank you to all who are there. It was truly remarkable experience and we will definitely be back!