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  1. I loved this! It was actually refreshing to hear this from a young black man. I especially like how he refers himself as a Black American and not a African American. He wasn't born in Africa. Not surprised about the low amount of replies.
  2. What was that? Is there a full video?
  3. Do you have a will? Make one. Sounds like you're full of shit. So shit or get off the pot.
  4. Sounds like it's just young punks with nothing to loose. America's criminal justice system is too soft and expensive to effectively deal with this growing epidemic.
  5. I agree. These selfish punks are not victims. Now they're paying for it.
  6. My American family doesn't follow or care about soccer. In fact, my father made me quit soccer when I was a kid because soccer conflicted with football as the seasons overlapped. A soccer game was considerably less important than football practice. I like soccer, but I dislike professional soccer and the way these queens are playing.
  7. 99% of forum members post anonymously. Why? You elected to post your picture and give out your screen name. Why? You value attention over privacy. You have a false sense of security. And you could totally knip this in the bud if you wanted to. So if you tell this person to "get lost", what other measures will you take to prevent something like this in the future? Perhaps I'm over reacting but it seems that some people volunteer for drama and bullshit in their lives.
  8. Thanks for posting that Dirtbox. I think I'm going to demo a T-bird soon.
  9. I don't see many threads about the T-bird. Does fly well on its back and for acro overall? How does it measure up to the P3?
  10. I guess I'll start: 1. Lack of planned parenting. 2. They can get a continuous chunk of my hard earned paycheck by merely just being "poor".
  11. And which factual media source do you drink from? You claim that he/we are misinformed, fair enough. Now please enlighten us with your facts, truth, and sources. Then we'll all be on the same page.
  12. I agree. I noticed that some DZs have hijacked holidays for their boogies. I get the holidays off of work like many, but I just want to jump. Don't care about the boogie stuff.
  13. I'm sure once the other suspects are caught, they'll be executed within a few months.
  14. Sounds rational to me. I choose my own friends.