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  1. would be shacked up in luxury living still wondering... Pretty blue skies...
  2. These are probably the best whuffo questions I have come across, but hey, its good for relating to your own subtracted needs.. (don't laugh) 1.) What made you want to go skydiving All female birds should get some proper wings to fly in the same skies!! 2.) What did you feel prior to jumping out of the plane Got drunk and ate lots of curry!! 3.) What was the free-fall like Woooo!! 4.) When you touched down how did you feel Thank *%$? for that... story continued... 5.) Anything else you want to say about skydiving Piece of cake...if you're real... Your spirit will show you the way if destined... 'Embellished in thick clouds... Nowhere else...but up there..' Pretty blue skies (and you will never be alone)...
  3. Got sick of being frightened silly travelling on riggity commercial airlines and wised up!!- The geeza who declared that flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, then he must have been destined to be a skydiver... 'Fall gently, live endlessly...'
  4. my goals are shattered due the to lack of funding that I coincidently can't get! just to be back up there would be a blessing!! pretty blue skies xxx
  5. a good shaggin' before and after jumping to ease the tension and keep the adrenalin!!
  6. if these figures are true then, bwoy...haven't us brits got a lot of catching up to do!! Here in the UK we have only experienced the emergence of ethnic minorities e.g afro-carribean, eastern asian, africans, chinese in the past 50 years...communities here are starting the commise with the British influences therefore integrating with the influencial lifestyles of Anglo-ism!?!? As a black woman of jamaican descent I believe that there was a skydiving ethos to individuals perceiving skydivers to be crazy-white ass idiots!!-- B$lloc*ks to that now!! The idealisms of skydivers isn't a race ting at all, its about creating and spreading the influences to generate the interest and make people, whatever race, believe that it is possible for anyone who has that potential, to do this amazing sport. From what I've seen and gathered, we are there and maybe hidden from the individuals who dare to be blinded by this occurence....but hey... give a massive welcoming to emergence of skydiving multiculturalism!!! 'embellished in pretty blue thats what I call a good %$*&!!'
  7. hey theres a bus that leaves girona airport at 09:35 in da mornin'- if not then you could always try gettin a bus from the airport to girona city, then from girona to figueres, then from figueres to empuria..hehe.. if you want to save the 80 euros you'd spend on a taxi.. ***'embellished in clouds- now thats what I call a good &%$£&&!! mwah!!
  8. get the A, get the CH1, FS1 and FF1... have more good times than ever.. be safe stay happy and stay alive.. live fast, die hard...
  9. hey its nice to have a young head on the council who can put across fresh ideas about the developments of the extending diversifications that this sport is experiencing, and will experience in years to come.. you've definitely gotten my vote.. 'live fast, die hard..'
  10. yeah mate..difficult one majority of folk will tell you the weather's 'touchwood' if you went to empuriabrava at this time of the year. A suggestion would be to book a last minute flight, whilst checking the weather in the process about 4 or 5 days before flying out there.. ?
  11. once...a long time ago. wind conditions changed..
  12. so does relaxing..realised that after 22 jumps!!
  13. perseverence does pay off... did my AFF in 23 jumps... determination does get you there in the end!
  14. whuffo friends... university.... one boring call centre job.... lack of self-liberation... and still have no regrets....PROPER BO!
  15. oi oi bird.... recognize me.....! don't worry too much about it're getting some good instruction and plus we have drink nearby when ever one is needed...