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  1. If you haven't jumped yet, GOOD LUCK! As far as online reading, I went to and downloaded the SIM. It helped me a lot. One thing I found very very helpful is arch, legs and relax. You'll love the sport. Let us know how it goes! I'm interested in hearing what happened and how you feel about it.
  2. Awesome! Well, if you get to jump from a small Cessna while you're on vacation, come down to Out of the Blue! That's all if jumped out of. I think you'll like the atmosphere at my DZ too. Have a safe trip!
  3. Great job man! I just did my level 3 which went ok. Did notice a big difference in confidence from levels 3 and 4 and also 4 and 5?
  4. That sucks but at the same time..... Very cool man! Are you moving out there or just visiting?
  5. Welcome to the forums. I'm doing my level 3 tomorrow and all I can say that seems to work well is arch! Good luck and have fun man!
  6. I personally feel that it's up to the instructors to evaluate the student and make that call once they feel it may be needed. But I really don't know what most students are like when they do AFF other than my own experience as being a student who has jumped two times. And I my instructors are very pleased with my two jumps so far. If they want me to do tunnel time before a level or whenever, I'll do it because I want to earn my A license that bad. I plan on doing tunnel time wheatear I do my AFF and I'm in my student solo time. I think it will only help more. But if I was required to do a lot of tunnel time before I even got to do my level 1 in AFF, I don't think I would have even started AFF because the cost would have been too much for me personally.
  7. I really hope you don't go anywhere! My goal in skydiving is wingsuit flying. I just started my AFF and couldn't jump for my level 2 today due to the weather here in Colorado. I am scheduled to jump every weekend and will continue until I have 200+ jumps. But I'm working on learning how to skydive and do it well so I can wingsuit! I'm glad to have found a place that rents wingsuits, totally awesome!
  8. Good luck with AFF! I can't wait to hear what you thought of your first jump. I too had to decide between S/L and AFF. I personally went AFF and I never did a tandem or any tunnel. I just jumped in with both feet. I studied the SIMS just to have a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of what would be taught in my ground school. I personally am very happy with my decision and feel that AFF is a better program for myself. I don't know if it would be for other people who want to get into the sport and I really feel that it really is a personal choice for everyone. That's just my noob opinion and what I had done to make my first jump.
  9. Welcome to the forums! I guess I was in your shoes about two weeks ago but I just did my AFF level 1 last week. I tried to do my level 2 today and did the ground school portion but the weather went bad so I couldn't jump. Will have to do the jump next weekend. Anyway, I'm really wanting to know what you think about AFF when you start! Update your thread when you do!
  10. Welcome to the forums! I personally wouldn't care one bit! I think the one thing that I would be concerned would to see my pilot walking up to the plane and be walking with the vision impaired sticks, sorry, I don't know the correct terminology for the walking stick they use. But I am quite sure that wouldn't happen! Good luck, I hope you get hired on!
  11. This was the first time I ever jumped. I did the AFF level 1 school at Out of the Blue Skydiving. My instructors are absolutely awesome and their knowledge is outstanding! I felt so comfortable with all three of my instructors and felt very very safe! The owners John and Kendra are the most accommodating and nicest people I've met! John coached me down when I was under the canopy and he gave me immediate feedback which was so helpful to me. I can't wait to do my level 2 training at Out of the Blue Skydiving! Thank you John, Kendra and everyone else for all the help, support, information, putting up with me and letting me start my new passion there!!!
  12. I just completed AFF level 1! Passed as everyone does, but wow, what a experience! Thanks to Out of Blue Skydiving here in Colorado for teaching me everything I need to the awesome atmosphere for a first time jumper! I so can't wait until my level 2 class and jump at Out of the Blue! I'm hooked!!!!!!
  13. I'm still at the DZ and I made my first jump! Out of The Blue Skydive is frickin' awesome with great instructors for my jump! I can't wait until I do level 2!! I LOVE skydiving and I'm hooked!
  14. Update- moved my AFF level 1 school up to May 12 but hoping to be be able to start tomorrow! Fund a new place here in Colorado, Out of the Blue Skydiving! The owner seems way awesome and I feel more comfortable going there. Though, nothing wrong with Mile-Hi I'm sure as John had NOTHING negative to say about Mile-Hi either. Totally cool, thanks John!! Looking forward to meeting you soon!
  15. Any chance you'll be jumping May 26? Like to meet ya if we've got the chance!