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  1. I feel for ya! I'm about to go overseas to study abroad for the next year and half to complete my master's degree. Thus, it'll be a while till my next jump. Sux. Plus, I'm super broke, even with student loans, so I'm going to be selling ALL of my gear for extra cash. Ugh!!!!
  2. Hello freethefly (and all other political enthusiasts)! I spent the final year of my undergraduate studies analyzing American involvement in the Iran-Iraq War that essentially summarizes the aforementioned facts. If anyone is interested, I would love to send a copy for your reading enjoyment and illicit responses. Although perhaps not explicitly mentioned in the paper, I would argue that U.S. actions during the conflict greatly contributed to current geopolitical tensions. Indeed, it would have been quite pragmatic to reflect upon previous regional initiatives within a post 9-11 environment prior to the fulfillment of a misguided foreign policy. J.
  3. I had a FF coach inform me that there are actually several reasons for the switch, primarily among them: allows for more precision/accuracy while flying, and prevents the development of poor habits that compensates for baggy legs. Essentially, it is function rather than fashion that has usurped the change. J.
  4. Yea, isn't that the Dalhmer Twins? Viva la Playboy? J.
  5. Hello all! My friends and I had an argument about the difference between two words and pronunciation: ALUMINUM and ALUMINIUM So... what is the difference besides pronunciation? Thanx!
  6. Heh, we're skydivers right? Always looking to live life on the edge? Talk about an adrenaline rush! J.
  7. Trust me, I'm definitely looking for a position within the Green Zone that allows me to simply sip martinis with the international press corp.! J.
  8. Although I'm looking for a political job (ie. foreign relations, etc.), I do have a friend in Iraq who is a truck driver for one of the construction companies. Needless to say, he is making an extraordinary amount of money. J.
  9. Kind of a random question, but does anyone know where to inquire about political jobs in the Middle East, ie. Iraq and Afghanistan? Thanx! J.
  10. I actually live right on Mission Beach and have always wanted to jump out of the Cessnas that fly over on the weekends. You know, the planes that carry the banners from behind? Man, I bet you could definitely pick up some chicks!
  11. What the hell... I've got nothing else to do right now! HD in SD. I also like because you can kinda make out the Pacific and SD Harbor. J.
  12. Skydive San Diego is $15 and I believe that Skydive Southern California is still $10. Both to around 13,000.
  13. Me too... I actually lived closer to the Diamond Shamrock. Yep, Green Mtn. is probably the best neighborhood in Denver. I never had to deal with D-Town traffic, particularly when coming home from skool (UCD). Also right next to I-70 to hit the mtns. It was quite the drive to MileHi, but I guess I got used to it. It was almost exactly 55min every time! Regarding the resorts, the only reason I liked "SkiStoned" was hiking the bowls (when there was snow), hitting the snowboard park (because Breck's was too crowded, short, and big for me), and getting stoned and going night riding. Plus, living in Green Mtn., it was always a shorter drive. By the way, if anyone is interested in buying a kick-ass condo in Keystone (overlooking the resort) let me know - my mom is trying desperately to sell it!
  14. Hahah, two different perspectives on two states! (I just moved to San Diego from Denver about 4 months ago.).......... True. I find that the people in San Diego are incredibly rude, short, and impolite. In fact, I've only lived here for a few months and already want to move because of this fact! Oh well. Yes, people from Colorado are nice, and I really miss that! Now, I have to disagree. San Diego and SoCal in general must have much worst drivers! I'm actually amazed every day by the crazy shit I see! I don't think that I've ever seen someone change all six lanes of an interstate at 90mph in a BMW without even looking! Very scary drivers out here... especially those cute SoCal blondes!
  15. Interesting... I grew up in Colorado, but just moved out to San Diego to focus on skydiving about four months ago. Like so many others, I quit snowboarding to skydive more. Anyway, here is my opinion/suggestion: If you want a place to live in between the mountains and skydiving, I would suggest the Lakewood/Green Mountain/Golden area. Very convenient access to the highways for any activity you'll be enjoying. Also, fairly cheap housing/apt. rentals. I'm sure Steve will offer his 2cents regarding this thread, and is actually a computer programming and might offer more specific advice regarding the job hunt. For skydiving, I prefer MileHi. Great facilities and rad locals (I miss you guys!). Skydiving will proceed generally on the weekends only, and will last all year (weather dependent). I've actually jumped through snow once! Be warned, it can get cold while jumping. Then again Colorado is infamous for its weather - it might be 90 degrees one day, and the next day will snow! For riding, I prefer Keystone, but there is a huge debate amongst my snowboarding buddies - particularly those who live in Breck. Anyway, I'd love to answer any other questions. PM your phone number and I can even hook you up with some buddies, both skydivers and snowboarders. Good luck. J.