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  1. What's up? There's a sh** ton of people who jump near Charlotte and they only have one of the best boogies in the world every summer. Check out Skydive Carolina of course :-) _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  2. Welcome to the forums. Don't believe everything that you read but do take in what makes sense. Cheers and blue skies. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  3. Welcome back. :-) Enjoy!! And get pictures and/or video when you can _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  4. Hola _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  5. Some of the current world record holders came up on static line. At least you won't be scared out of your mind when it comes time to do a hop n' pop. My advice is (listen to your instructors of course) and after that visualize. Visualize your jump as often as you feel like. Visualizing activates some of the same electrical signals in the brain as the actual activity and it, at least to some degree, familiarizes you with the dive flow. Oh and talk to as many people at your DZ as possible. Cheers :-) _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  6. That's a pretty solid plan :-) and there are very few people better qualified to give you canopy advise than the guys/gals down there. Come to think of it I might spend a week down there next time I decide to change canopies. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  7. I agree with checking out a JFX or like someone said a Velo 111. The Velo's recovery arc is considerably longer than a JFX's in my experience. So that's something to consider. Someone might like a JFX a lot at first then wish they had a longer RA... you see where I'm going with that. I absolutely agree with the don't downsize and switch planforms thing when you're not flying at a pretty fast level already but assuming someone is ready to switch to a 100-ish crossbraced and they're gonna be conservative there's probably a little more wiggle room. What I know for sure is after going crossbraced I don't want to go back to a conventional canopy for regular use (barring wingsuiting, maybe BASE, etc) _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  8. They're totally decent canopies from what I've seen. People say they are a Crossfire2 copy because they look exactly like one. Crossfire2's have a pretty unique nose shape which makes them easy to identify but I don't think the Odyssey is a direct copy. I'm not a parachute designer and I've only flown Crossfire2's. From what I know I can say what I like about Odyssey's is I know a chick who can't be much over 135 lbs. out the door that flies an Odyssey 150 and has no issues whatsoever. Some would say that's underloading on a Crossfire but Odyssey doesn't seem to mind at all. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  9. I had a Sensei 91 loaded at about 2.2 for me. It definitely had a ridiculously strong flare, was great on the rears and gave me good feedback. Sensei's are so damn pretty to look at too... the design is solid all around. I wasn't super happy with the openings on mine but that's a subjective thing I guess. Someone else might say just the opposite about the openings. All in all I'd recommend it to the highly experienced canopy pilot who wants to go against the grain a little. 5 outta 5
  10. Thread revival alert.... that said.... I love this thread!! It actually stayed on topic for like 60 posts and has a ton of good info in it. Thanks everybody for the information about Curv's. I've had my eye on the design for years now and wasn't completely decided until reading so much about it. I love that so many have great experiences and that there don't seem to be any major bitches, gripes or complaints. Cheers. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  11. I say the same thing all the time. Best thing that ever happened to me :-) _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  12. Yep, I see this post was a few months ago but +1 for the Skydivers Handbook. I actually think it is a super good read for all skydivers when getting into the sport. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  13. Yeah... opinions are like assholes I guess, we've all got one. I maintain it's interesting to see the different takes people have on it. The way one person describes it might make no sense to me but I still know the affect they're talking about. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  14. I like seeing all the different ways people have of describing this. Pretty cool how it gets us all thinking. The way I describe it is: There's a little bit of amplification to the whole process going on with the extra wind in your face. Assuming we've established air speed vs. ground speed and how wind speed affects us, that we've discussed how the canopy doesn't really see or feel (if you know what I mean) any difference whether it's windy or calm, the canopy just goes through the air as it's designed to do, albeit with a flight that is now more compressed since it isn't traveling as far... well then that leaves us with just one other thing. By amplification I mean I think that it's kind of like a moped going down a hill. Said moped can go 34 MPH on a flat surface but get it going down a big hill and it can get up to 43!! I think that's what is happening in a strong wind landing. A given wing with given wing loading given a pilot's consistent maneuver can achieve X speed and lift with no wind but in a strong head wind it can up the lift ante by an extra few percent because there's an extra bit of push that wasn't there before. The thrust on the wing (gravity) doesn't change but now the wing is getting more lift with that weight and maneuver than it would normally because the wind is giving it a little push that would not and could not be there otherwise. Then if you do that same thing downwind you stretch the process out, one because you're traveling further and going faster and two because the extra speed and lift aren't increasing in a linear way in terms of flight like they were before, in fact it's kind of the opposite because while you're getting a lot more ground speed out of it your wing is actually flying less efficiently since it is cutting through a lot less air, the act of which is what gives us lift. That's where our perception of safety (headwind) vs. sketch (downwind) comes from. In my opinion _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!
  15. Well here goes and OLD thread revival.... not sure if the requirements have changed or what but I have over a hundred jumps on Strong systems now and am looking to change over to Sigma. I can also relate to the handle fumbling situation on the Strong system. That's not to say I don't think it's a solid system but it seems like the handle placement on the Sigma makes more sense. The mandatory handle checks for all TI's is a good idea in my opinion. So I guess I just have to find a Tandem IE rated for Sigma systems and do the course, whatever it entails. _________________________________ ...Don't Get Elimated!!