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  1. Quote

    Then you're not understanding what Skyfest is.
    It's not JUST a boogie.

    I agree.

    Hopefully he'll be able to take his pay-it-forward vibe to his new life in FL.
    Be patient with the faults of others; they have to be patient with yours.

  2. From the FB page:

    Team ONE Skydiving will be hosting the 6th annual Good VIBES Boogie @ skydivethefarm.com. There will be skydiving & partying - need I say any more? It will be good times and the love of skydiving and all that is around at night.

    Registration: $30.00
    Lift Ticket: $24.00
    Tandems: $159.00

    We have a super Otter and if you are on point
    this plane will do 30 loads a day.

    Sunman, Jimmy T, Warren, SkyDave,
    My Organizers will beworking in groups to help youlearn a little more
    than you do now,this is not one of those boogies that the organizers dont pay attention to you wewill be all over helping you to get better.

    RW, & Bruce Crawford
    I should take you off this list but I love you. He will be helping the bellie
    flyers building groups and formations all skills are welcomed.

    Margaritas and Partying at Tequilas Mexican Restaurant.We will have
    a jousting ring set up all weekend from fri, to sunday if you have a problem take it up there.because the rest of the farm is going to be in a vibe zone.

    Small raffle, Blue and Yellow Pimp & Ho Party there will be a prize of all day free lift tickets to the winners of this but it has to be blue and yellow and it can be a couple so think about it. & Spaghetti Dinner ($5.00 - you must sign up for dinner)
    also KY wrestling, laserlights disco balls and smoke with some pimp ass music that you can VIBE to on what ever you want to.
    Be patient with the faults of others; they have to be patient with yours.