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    Pacific Skydiving Center

    The experience of the staff at Pacific is incredible. I moved out here two years ago with my (I thought) hot shot partner and with 7000 tandems, he was at the lower experience level of the staff. I am employed by the DZ so I am probably a bit biased but I would highly reccomed this DZ for visitors interested in making a tandem or experienced jumpers interested in seeing perhaps the most beautiful jump run on the planet from 13000+ feet. Our new plane is a PAC750 and it is in spectacular condition (which might be a little odd for those of us used to 50+ year old aircraft, but nonetheless is is a wonderful plane). There is now food available on the DZ, and it is far better than the bar food at several mainland DZ locations, although a little slower as we are on Hawaii time here. The chef actually loves to cook and it shows. During the week, if we are slow, we tend to be shut down by noon, up-jumperwise. If you wish to make a tandem, a portion of the staff is always on call until 2:30 or 3 pm. On weekends we go until we run out of both tandems and up jumpers. Management is a little stingy about the number of sport jumpers required to keep the plane going at times, but with 8 or so of you and some sweet talking we can go until sunset (awesome for me cause I'd much rather pack than cocktail waitress....skydivers are so much fun to be around...). The staff here is generally a happy bunch, although (and I hate to be the one who announces it to the general public) they are paid way less than their mainland peers. If you are considering a job here, get your salary in writing. If you'd like more info about that part of working in paradise, feel free to email or pm me. If you are doing a tandem, take note of the fact that tandems here are WAY cheaper than many mainland DZs that have a far less scenic view and less experienced staff. Monetarily speaking, a tandem here is a sweet deal you can't get anywhere else. Hawaii truly is paradise. If you are an active jumper and find yourself out here please come check us out. For tandem students, I made my first jump at Pacific in 2002 and I would absolutely recommend making one with us. I believe that Pacific offers a unique and positive environment for your tandem skydive. However you do it, jump on Oahu!!!! And be sure to stop by and say hi to Jess. Aloha! Blue skies!!