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  1. I can not describe how much i want to dive... Thank You So Much for the heads up. It is better to buy used since you stated that it is broken in (easy to pack). It has been indeed good discussion since i acknowledged more. I want to thank you all with jokes attached. I am discussing this since i am currently in Turkey, but i started diving in NY upstate. People might have less knowledge and experience here, which is the reason why i opened up a discussion.
  2. velo 84 supports more of velocity, i believe. Also, i want to ask to the forum. What is the difference for selecting a parachute for basejumping and skydiving? Also, i am just discussing ideas with you guys(friendly reminder). I looked at those before i opened up the subject. besides that, i am wondering what is your personal choice and why. Just curious.
  3. İ appreciate for the help. İt would be nice share some brands still.
  4. What is your parachute?
  5. Hey, I am getting my license to skydive by myself since my goal is to start base-jumping. I looked the form for parachute reviews. There is not much of information provided. In other words, i found it not enough to make a purchase. Can someone guide me on what i should buy? What is best out-there? Thank You