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  1. I sure will but the USPA will have a heart attack if I said what we got up to back in the days like playing chicken with the late Bill Newel seeing how low we would go until one of us pulled. Those were great days,
  2. My name is Will I live in deep South Texas. My Brand new gear arrived I was like am kid in a candy store All new gear but strange to what I am used to I have a Vector 3 with a Vigal AOD and the RSL and SKY Hook system. My canopy are brand new from PD And I have lost 25 pounds, hardest thing I had to do, but I DID IT!!!!!!!!. Now awaiting my jump suit being made for me by Merlin suits Like I told my wife I plan to live for a long time buts there is no way I am going to be put in a nursing home shitting on myself, she thinks I have gone wackey in the head , re living my youth she said, I said NO all the kids are grown and its my time to have some fun. I said listing I am on the local volunteer fire dept and I am the only Paramedic and I can still do that, so why not Skydiving, I tell her that now I will be a PARA medic HA HA. But I hope to get going real soon . So watch out skydiver this old fart is coming back to town. Take Care everyone, Will
  3. OK Skydivers . I need a little help here. I am an old jumper my D number is very low 3 numbers. Yes I am getting up there in age but still young at heart. I want real bad to get back in the sky, the kids are grown, the grand kids too. But here my problem. I have always been a big guy 6foot 6 inches, in my prime I weighed in at 245-250 pounds and I was jumping PC's ,trash packs, anything I could jump I would do it. Taft was my DZ back in the days when Art Armstrong owned it and the Arvin good guys went against the Taft Team. GREAT Times. Now I am still 6-6 but weigh around 270-280, just bought some new gear rated up to 375, my question is who will help me get back in the sky and teach me how to fly these new ram air chutes. Any advise is welcome. I going to do it some way or the other ,I was never a "sky god' just a fun jumper with some great people. Thank you all
  4. Keep up the good work. I am getting back into the sport after 35 years I am 6 foot 6 inches and weigh275 I don't want to give my age away but my D number has 3 numbers. But I a going for it. I can set here in retirement or jump and I say jump. And to all you big guys out there never quit. Blue Sky's Will