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  1. Received my 618 ( chose the 618 over the 619 as i fall like a feather ) week before last and jumped it last weekend and wow what a difference,speed wise a great improvement to my sonic and skylarc suits. Does need some coordination training as every movement is translated into the air so fast it knocks u off your feet literally if u are used to slower suits :-) but all in all i think it's been a good if speed is what u need 618 would be my choice.
  2. well even if it is stolen from KK closet damn it must have hurt a bit ;) at least he made a lasting impression
  3. Hi i was wondering if anyone has jumped their recon flight hud;s yet... If so how long did it take for u to get a gps fix and did it stay while climbing to 13000ft ?
  4. i've had the same but only a difference of 19ft above or below it;s not a lot of button pushing for me to zero it lol so does the recon automatically start recording your trip when it senses your in the air i.e. exiting the aircraft or do we have to do something before hand? All seems so simple and in that lies the difficulty lol how a manual would be handy now, so we can all shout RTFM lol
  5. woop woop mine arrived today .. no notification just fedex :) will make take pics and post asap also after my first jump with it
  6. so when did u get the goggles and where are the unboxing pics and the low down on what u think of it hehe :)
  7. Nope only email i got was for the delay.... anxiously waiting for the shipping mail and then when it arrives hopefully i'll be fit for jumping again lol
  8. woop woop :-) now bring it on mr post man :)
  9. Delay's do happen and it's a pain in the ass lol... was hoping it would be a xmass pressy for myself but will have to wait like the rest :( Recon is known to deliver so am not worried about not getting it eventually lol
  10. Ermmmmm think the dollar sign might have something to do with it lol
  11. Does any one know when these are going to the deadline has been moved to the 26th of Nov... will they ship later or ???? want to try it asap lol
  12. hmmm very curious to see what it is and what it would cost :) if u can email a pic would be very grateful thx and have fun at carolinafest :) :)
  13. Heat transfer ( hadn't thought of that yet ) but silk screening was more what i was leaning towards to anyway as embroidery is physically altering the material and in my thoughts applying a layer of ink isn't deforming or altering the structure thus the way it works.Will be dropping by a printer to do so snooping around. Last thing i want to do is ruin my wing suit... but thx everyone for your two cents :)
  14. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it is possible to have say a logo embroidered on the arm wigs of a wing suit without it interfering with the working of the wings.( or even printed like on t-shirts ) ANd if it is possible any ideas where i should go to to have it rigger or manufacturer? cheers :)