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  1. European here - Clouds are our fluffy firends!
  2. I think abortion is ethically wrong, but I still support it because I hate children.
  3. AFF + A license took me 7 days - I had little time and really wanted to get started.
  4. If you are a very very bad driver this might be true. But someone has not been honest to you - skydiving is dangerous no matter how often you hear this sentence.
  5. Yes, when I turn 65. Probably a very nice scenic base, with pure ground rush, and no rig. Would be sad though not to jump untill then. So you think there is nothing worht living when you tunr 65?
  6. You can use it already even tough the rest of the infrastructure is still being built. Did 30 min in there last week!
  7. If your flying is half as good as this post I want you to be my instructor!
  8. As someone who just had his first 30 minutes I would love to see that :D For science!
  9. I love girls with a dark sense of humor - she was joking wasn´t she?
  10. The recent trend is a bit slow? My wife is hotter than your wife. I just read the wife part and it made perfect sense!
  11. God I hope most tandem instructors are more trustworthy than these russian guys :)
  12. Scubadiving, skydiving and basejumping are skills which can be acquired by training and you get better and safer with experience. By putting yourself in that giant rubber ball you are giving away any form of control you have about the possible outcome.
  13. It is a tragedy but seriously what where they expecting when they were getting into a giant ball on a slope with a cliff nearby... Reminds me of this