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  1. This is very small suit and to make it fly stable you need more speed. this doesn't mean you need to extend your arms all way out, but good delta position and putting your chin down will do the trick. Could be a good beginners suit if your goal is to learn aerobatics .. no so much for flocking or performance flying. Welcome the skies .. Caw ..caw ..
  2. Update !!!! We have over 45 participants already confirmed .. Don't miss your chance .. Online pre-registration will be closed by July 24 http://wingsuitworldrecord.com/summerfest-wingsuit-camp Skydive Chicago's Summerfest is the summer boogie to be at!
  3. Registration still open.. Confirm early to reserve you slot on State Record attempt .. We going to break original 25 way .. that was set back in 2009 ..
  4. Online registration is now available .. Please register early to confirm your slot .. http://wingsuitworldrecord.com/summerfest-wingsuit-camp
  5. We have a couple of events to help people interested in wingsuit formation flying.. Checkout our calendar http://www.skydivechicago.com/Events/2012_Full_Calendar Also on facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/327004334031422/ http://www.facebook.com/events/334717489920997/