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  1. Skydive Spain in Seville! ... Great instructors, friendly atmosphere and fast twin turbines to 15,000ft... They have both BPA Advanced instructors and USPA plus the student equipment is excellent. I know lots of people who have completed AFF there including myself.
  2. I did thanks..... Should be sorted soon. Not really sure why I would attempt to repair myself when it is under warranty....
  3. Hi, I tried to find an existing topic but couldn't. My Alti II is getting stuck on the way to altitude - it's off by about 500ft to 1000ft before i 'knock it' and it pops straight up. I don't think it gets significantly stuck in FF, but I have nothing to compare it to apart from my audible. Is there an easy fix or any tips?
  4. Exactly the same! And i do occasionally hear the flatline during the last snivel... Which sort of worried me to begin with but happy with it now as it's only once in a while.
  5. I've never taken instruction in the UK but Black Knights is an excellent DZ... That's about as far north as I get but can definitely recommend it as a DZ. Skydive Spain is absolutely fantastic.... Brilliant coaches, excellent Planes, and the weather should see you complete AFF in a few days...
  6. Far too much time on your hands...... Sleep, Jump, Land (repeat as many times as possible) - Beer, Sleep
  7. Thanks - is it worth calling up and doing it beforehand or just doing it on the day?
  8. I have a spare weekend on a business trip to LA next weekend and was going to spend it at Perris. As I'm only there for a weekend I'm not going to bother bringing a rig so i have a couple of questions: Will I need to sign up for temprary USPA membership and can I do it on the day? Is it impossible to hire a rig for the weekend? Do I need to speak to someone in advance to sort this? Apologise if this has been answered elsewhere I couldn't find it.... Hopefully there will be a few people around for a bit of free flying I will have my FAI licence, log book etc with me, anything else I need to know?
  9. Regardless of DZ rules, I reckon work towards other people filming you for the next 100+ jumps - always fun to be in the video not taking the video!
  10. You're allowed to shoot camera with 75 jumps? And with a non A licence holder?
  11. They'd be better off jumping with more experienced jumpers who have cameras - the person wiithout the camera is in all the footage
  12. I was just 'RTFM' actually
  13. I'm trying to get used to the canopy descent sounds - i get the 1st warning a single beep. and the second (a single beep), but the 3rd is a multi-tone beep. Why the difference in the last one vs a single beep again? Is it simple to keep re-confirming that you definitely need to be turning to final?? I'm not and never will be doing a high performance landing. And I'm currently landing on visual (not relying on the beeps and never will) but trying to get a much better accurate view on exactly what altitude I'm at in my pattern.
  14. BPA rules mean you have to have a Jump Master on each load - not sure about USPA but i don't think it's a requirement.
  15. this is a topic specific forum not bonfire UK / BPA is turn right - and it's taught at day one ground school, I'd consider it one of the most important things you should know, given that there really is such little time to react in that type of situation.
  16. ^^^This Don't tell anyone to give up, unless you're the person pronouncing them dead!!! What you chose to do based on your own knowledge is your own business.
  17. Not familiar with USPA regs - how many jumps are you supposed to have? Or is there no requirement, just CCI approval? BPA is C Licence aka 200 jumps I believe, plus CCI approval. Perhaps point the person in question to incidents involving low jump numbers and cameras?
  18. STOP!!! This is not what the official advice is to non trained medics. If someone is unconscious and not breathing (do not check for a pulse) you should carry out Hand Only CPR - carry on Hand Only CPR until a trained medical professional arrives. Do not provide advice that contradicts official guidelines for non-trained medics - you could very well lead to someones life NOT being saved. Carry on with those chest compression's until someone with appropriate experience tells you to stop!! You can and will save someone's life with this.
  19. Cypres-usa website. the actual wording is: "Over 79,000 CYPRES 2 units now in use! 22,000+ loops cleanly cut, ZERO FAILURES" I'm guessing 'loops cleanly cut' refers to 'in use units' not just a test unit sat there constantly cutting loops
  20. If I'm reading the stats correctly (22,000+ cypres fires and 79,000 sales) then we're looking at 1 / 4 cypress's being activated? Does this sound right? It seems scarily high to me....?
  21. Having just read the incident forum regarding attempting a landing with snapped A Lines, I'm really intrigued as to what people consider a malfunction when it comes to holes / snapped lines? And why would you not just chop it and go to your reserve.....? Why would you ever attempt to land a less than perfect canopy?? This is a question, not a "you're all wrong for doing it..."