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  1. Hey there and welcome! I'm new to and just got my A. I don't understand what happened. You have 2 instructors on jump 2 and one of them just went? Did you guys have a ready set go system. He just jumped by himself? I'm really confused. I lost an instructor on a jump where I only had one and they say if that happens and your cool just finish your skydive. Thats what I did and passed but it wasn't jump 2 it 4 or 5. So your other instructor pulled you back in the plane and you guys rode down?
  2. Thanks Pops, yeah I mentioned that way to a few people on items I didn't end up buying but both times they were not into sending to my rigger. Sketchy stuff! I am surprised that people want to sell shoty gear in skydiving seems like a bad trip!!
  3. Yeah there really helpful at my dz. The elliptical thing I didn't know it was until right before I paid for it. I run everything by at least one guy and that one time I didn't I screwed myself. I have learned a lot about gear though over the last few months. Stuff I wouldn't have if I just had the money all together that's for sure! @Skymama-Thanks, I'm looking for a old 170 with a little life, around $500. Sabre or something! If you guys know of anything let me know please! I have a pay pal account and yes I check the classifieds multiple times daily. The price is always the problem. I just need to get past this 1st rig and I'll be fine! My story is in the June issue of Blue Skies mag too if you wanna check it out! "Adrenalin Junkie" by Jesse Graham
  4. Yeah the finally part was just the time not jump numbers!
  5. I finally finished getting my A license last week! It took me a little less than 8 months. Not bad considering I bus tables for a living and don't get more than 30 hours max a week. Now I'm gathering the parts to put together that 1st rig. I got a container and a reserve so far. It is really hard tp get the right parts that all work together and are good for a beginner! I already messed up and bought a 170 main thats elliptical and I can't jump it. That was a set back! It's pretty cool though. 2 years ago I was dyeing with a needle in my arm and here I am a few days away from a 1 1/2 years of clean and sober time. Life got a lot better quick once I took all that crap out!! I love skydiving and am stoked that putting together a rig is my current problem!!
  6. When I did AFF we took 3-4 breaks in the 6 hours and there was bathrooms close and outhouse right by the plane! I didn't jump the same day because of winds. Went a few days later and was really able absorbed all that info. It's fun stuff, enjoy! What other sports have you done or do?
  7. Yeah no need to wait. My friend bailed out on AFF so I just went by myself. It would of been cool to go through it with a friend but like Sky Mama said the DZ is a friendly place! Go for it! Just do it!! etc etc
  8. I had the same problem the first and maybe 2nd. I breathe fine now and don't even have to think about it. I think I breathe through my nose now. It will get better. Are sure you were relaxed? I know I wasn't. Have fun!!
  9. Hey- from watching the vids of your jumps it looks like your doing a great job at AFF. You look alot better than I did. What was that last one? 4?
  10. Hey Greg, I am really curious how someone gets banned from AFF? Please explain if you don't mind. Just a newbie thats wondering-thanks
  11. Hey Joe, welcome! I'm a newbie with 5 jumps left to my A lic. Also close to a year and 1 1/2 sober. Great replacement! I am also a heroin junkie in recovery. When I wasn't strung out I was drunk. I drank the whole time just less when doing heroin cause it makes you sick. Bad combo. I wrote an article about and it's in the June issue of Blue Skies mag. Let us know how your training goes and stay sober. There is a lot of beer drinking going on at the DZ so be on guard and most of all have fun Joe!!-Jesse
  12. All year round here in S California. Midweek might be not many loads but it's pretty busy most of the time!
  13. Hey I'm doing jump 18-19 this week, At the beginning of AFF terrified was the word I used. It got better quick for me. By the time I finished AFF=8 jumps I was much better. That had been a stress kinda because it was time for my solos and I want to feel relaxed on exit. Now it feels like jumping into a big hot tub.(I live in SoCal)And is so fun!!! I've heard it goes away around 25-150 so it's different for everybody. I'm hoping it doesn't go away so fast because overcoming fear and the focus that comes with it are my favorite part!! AS far as malfunctions, there are 2 instructors at my DZ with around the same amount of jumps-7000. One has never had a cut away and the other has 23. So go figure. Keep the emergency procedures fresh in your mind and you will be fine! Good luck, I think terrified is appropriate for your first few jumps from a plane!!
  14. Yeah I have the same stuff going on. Not physically sick but basically really freaked out. Once I'm out I feel good, really good! I have 13 jumps and it's going away quick. My friend with 200 said enjoy while it lasts and thats how I look at it. It's fun to push past it and get comfy in the wide open!
  15. Hey Alex, I am about the same point (12 jumps) money is really the only hold up. Where do you jump at? I'm at Skydive Elsinore in S.Cal-Jesse