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  1. I donated my PC, Security Mini Pig, jumpsuit and bunny helmet to UNC as we had a good club back in the 70's. What I miss was the 26' Navy Conical that let me down unscathered. I will hunt for another as I getting back into it before the shovel me in the turf. Good article D2909
  2. I went all over the post trying to find the place, but when I realized all those WW2 barracks were gone, I was given directions to a new building. I went inside and it reminded me of a fast food chain. Wonder what happened to all those photos and trophies? D2909
  3. Well, I fell out of my paracommander over the Barnwell county sc reservior in 1971. Week in the hospital i will never forget. SOP was to drop the chest pack, unhook the chest strap, pull the saddle up under your but and unhook both leg straps. When your feet touch the water, swim to the right or left of the parachute. Mine surged and the saddle slipped up and i went back into free fall from about 200 feet; flat and stable right into the water. Some 15 yr old kid found me in a tree about 20 feet down and hauled me up - his dad hauled me in. The pick up car was at the boat ramp and took me to the hospital close by. I got my water jump, and the USPA changed the sop to retain one leg strap until the feet get wet. The nick name Para Frog stung for a while.