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  1. happythoughts

    Jane (Lambdin) Orlando Memorial at Z-Hills

    A lot of people at Zhills knew Jane. I am sure it will be well attended. She often rode her bike out to visit.
  2. happythoughts

    Sociological Perspectives

    Yep. Risk management goes on for everyone. It is basically the measurement of: - where the "edge" is. - what skills are necessary to manage the risk of approaching that edge. For example, skydivers who are not great canopy pilots will choose not to enter swooping competitions. Certain skill levels are necessary to approach that risk level. Some college students skateboard to class because they do not regard it as a risk. College psychology professors probably do not skateboard to class. They drive their car. They do not consider the possibility that a speeding car can run a red light and kill them. Skydiving can kill you, no matter what you do. So can snow skiing or walking to the mail box. So can a car crash on the interstate. Maybe they should research "quality of life". Total safety isn't always the goal.
  3. happythoughts

    Muff Muff Johnny Gates...........

    Blue Skies...
  4. happythoughts

    Anonymous Posting

    I think that posting anonymously anywhere is poor. If it is an opinion, people should be able to identify themselves and stand behind their words. It seems more important for the incidents forum because of the nature of what will be posted. The content can be more emotionally painful than the other forums. Plus, Incidents is supposed to be about information and learning. If someone can't supply the foundation for information, then it can't be trusted.
  5. happythoughts

    Zhills Muff Brothers - Thanksgiving Day

    Also, (Duh!), come and get on a 10-way speed team. You can get on a team and play. There will be plenty of teams looking for a last minute pickup or two. TK usually corrals an extras. It is an awesome experience and there will be people wondering around who can give some coaching.
  6. happythoughts

    Skydive San Francisco Information

    Are you gathering information to sue the dropzone ?
  7. happythoughts

    Wind Tunnels "saving the sport"?

    In a way, they could be right. If you look at the polar opposite, golf has a lot of draws. - You can invite anyone, regardless of physical shape, out to play golf. Nine out of ten will join you. You can now do that with the wind tunnel. You get a larger participation. - There is money to be made in golf. Since golf has such a large participation, that equals large product sales. Anyone can walk in and spend $300 on golf clubs. It is business math - price times quantity. - Prize money. With large participation and gear sales, comes tv ads for products. Tv ad dollars provide the prizes for events. Anyone can go buy a snow board. Even among skydivers, very few people will buy skysurfing equipment.
  8. Wake up call!!! When I was at the Farm last month, there were bunches of people who said they were coming to Zhills for 10-way speed on Thursday. Where you is at? The Muff Brothers will have their stylishly designed Van Break team tshirts on. We have done our traditional volume of practice jumps, numbering in the low-to-mid single-digits. It is probable that we may be the most attractive team in attendance. There were quite a few jumpers from the Farm who wanted to put together a walkup team. I suggest that you get there Wednesday and get together. Team captains need to be in front of manifest with a roster and entry fees at 8am. 10-way speed on Thursday is the event that people wait all year for. Don't miss it.
  9. happythoughts

    the Kevin O'Connell story archive

    I can't wait to tell Kevin that he is historical.
  10. happythoughts


    It sounds like you are receiving good advice. It is possible that you are not coming out with a downward attitude, but perhaps you are diving straight out. This might cause you to barrel roll to the left and end up on your back. Get video of your exit and review it. What you think you are doing may be different from what you are doing.
  11. happythoughts

    Easter Boogie at Z-Hills - WooHoo!

    Awesome 40-ways on Saturday, 60-ways on Sunday. Boxman kept the positive vibe going on all weekend. Lots of fun low-stress, but challenging skydives. It is hard to find a group that can successfully do some of the jumps that we did. It is nice to push some personal limits and still have huge fun. I had at least 7 or 8 people tell me on Friday that the 3pt 40-way made the whole event worthwhile. Sunday excellent 10-way and 4-way jumps. Zhills is definitely the RW mecca.
  12. happythoughts


    Look here Pt 1 the lines have grips on the line in front to add structure. Pt 2 the grips are released and it becomes a large spiral. It builds really flat, not bell-shaped. If the base is going a lot faster than the rest, it will sink when the grips are released. People have to fall fast, but have enough range to slow down as it builds and cross-reference their speed to the other side.
  13. happythoughts

    Easter Boogie @ Z-Hills

    TK, I've had your pancakes, they are far better than that. I see no need for EMTs.
  14. happythoughts

    Car drops?

    So if you get the answers to every aspect of every thing you've ever seen or heard, then what ?
  15. happythoughts

    Funniest moments in skydiving

    A guy was going to land next to his wife and she was going to take his picture. He was a little to fixated on her and didn't notice a small nearby object, the hangar. He landed on top of it. Funny how it snuck up on him, out of nowhere. The fire dept had to get him down because there was no ladder tall enough. He was up there for over 90 minutes. Of course, everyone treated him with all the dignity and respect possible.
  16. happythoughts

    Z Hills info needed please

    Call the dz. There are people who provide transportation to/from Orlando. There is also a person who rents trailers on the dz. Call soon to make sure that one is available.