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  1. happythoughts


  2. happythoughts

    boogie camper

    boogie camper Easy to set up and mobile without a car. I know you want one.
  3. happythoughts

    A Clockwork Orange

    First, CO was not as much an entertainment movie, but a commentary on British politics of the day. So, a discussion is more at home in Speakers Corner. They needed a villain to really polarize opinion and produce discussion/outrage. He was a great one. No one disputes the excessive violence, etc. What follows is how British politics entered the picture. The film used caricatures of each party and the central figure as their pawn. The right was tormenting the guy. The left used him as a tool to attack the right. Putting him on the correct path with care, after all the abuse. So, seeing it again won't make it more enjoyable. As a parallel to the genre in the US, Easy Rider. Drug-taking hippies who ride motorcycles and have sex. Destroying the fabric of American society. At that time in the US, society was very polarized on what seem like non-issues today. The riders were shot and killed. People walked out of the theater and thought they were right, no matter which side of the issues they were on. If the point of some art is not entertainment, but to be thought-provoking, then Kubrick succeeded.
  4. Life is 10% what is happening in your life and 90% how you react to it.
  5. happythoughts

    So, what are you reading at the moment?

    David Baldacci "First Family" he writes strong male and female characters. valid adults, not cartoons.
  6. happythoughts

    Best ride back to the dropzone

    landed next to a field that was a nearby persons garden. they gave us a ride all the way to the dz, but refused the offer of a free beer and left immediately. ;) also, saw a CRW group at wffc come back from a demo... in the back of a cattle truck. riding in style.
  7. happythoughts

    72% of Grocery Carts have fecal matter on them

    I would sooner suck the McDonald's door handle than eat there. The big problem in fast food places is the ice. A local girl compared the germ content of the toilet water to that of the ice. The toilet is routinely disinfected. The ice machine is a germ-breeding oasis. That cup of ice is a mouthful of disease.
  8. happythoughts

    72% of Grocery Carts have fecal matter on them

    Kids peeing is how the other 28% of the carts get the fecal matter washed off. "Kiddie pee... bringing you a cleaner, fresher grocery cart."
  9. happythoughts

    I don't know what came over me

    topiary ;)
  10. happythoughts

    Mind is like a parachute?

    i switch back and forth. i do my favorite thinking with my small brain. ;)
  11. happythoughts

    Mind is like a parachute?

    usually this is an implied statement. "if you don't agree with me, then you are closed-minded." i usually reply, "yes, that is why i considered your position long ago and decided it was incorrect."
  12. happythoughts

    How long 'til we see this at DZs?

    the $500K model was for 8 users simultaneously. it was supposed to appear that all 8 were in the same virtual space.
  13. happythoughts

    People who are married- wish u didnt ?

    sex ain't everything, but it is certainly something. i know women who never get there. it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. the closer it gets, the more tension builds, and failure. constant tension becomes anger. guys are more reasonable if they are calmer too. if not, after a while, everything is an opportunity to pick a fight, soon there won't be any attempt to take time and work things out. there are as many types of problems as there are people. in 90% of the cases, it always seems to be sex or money.
  14. happythoughts

    People who are married- wish u didnt ?

    sometimes people overthink this. they try to identify the point of failure. "when this go wrong? what were the signs? how can i be successful in the future?" 2 + 6 will not always equal 8. sometimes, the 6 changes from 3 to 9 to 4 for no apparent reason. this is a big world out there that provides influences and changes. sometimes it is just their choice for unrelated reasons.
  15. happythoughts

    People who are married- wish u didnt ?

    Did you ask him if he puts in the time to make it worthwhile for her, or is she just a way of getting himself off? it sounded like both parties had given up on any effort a while back. a two-sided surrender fest. i always tell people to do one thing. pull out the photo album. look at the pictures where you are smiling and ask yourself, "when did we do that last?". the idea is to re-discover the times that were happy. people end up being too responsible and too un-fun. i haven't figured out why. a bad sex life isn't that hard to fix at all, it is the mindset leading into it that has taken the beating. i cringe every time i read another "if i was only married, i would be eternally blissfully happy" thread. marriage can be a value-added, but not a solution.