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  1. I am tired of boom boxes and the joy riders of the sky assaulting my senses. People live in Colorado because of the open space and natural setting, and these dive-bombing nuisances are a huge irritant. It's like trying to find peace and tranquility in a hornets nest! Enough!
  2. Hey! I know Kim Gibbs, and I resent these negative comments. She is a very smart, highly professional lady who cares deeply about her community, and the quality of life that is being impacted by these noisy, obnoxious airplanes. She has a lot more support than is apparent on this blog. Trust me. You have a formidable adversary!
  3. It use to be legal to drive through town with your super bass radio blaring away at top volume. You don't hear that much anymore do you? Know why? It's ILLEGAL! Just a heads up....
  4. For every "Kim Gibbs" there are about a thousand of us who never speak up, but we are very angry about the noise the obnoxious planes are causing in our neighborhood. Way to tell'em Kim! Emma Withers
  5. I recently visited Longmont from Florida, and was surprised that CO allows such irritating and disruptive airplane noise. I actually had to stop conversations several times, until the airplanes moved on. The windows in the house actually vibrated. In a state known for its open space and beautiful vistas, the constant droning of airplanes is like an infestation of mosquitoes. I don't want to put a damper on the skydiver's fun, but don't they have mufflers for those things? Jeez!