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  1. So, I'm an FAA rigger in a foreign country, and they observe a 120 day repack cycle. I'm wondering what repack cycle I should go by. I know if foreigners coming into the us had us manufactured rigs would be 180 days, and that foreigners coming in with foreign rigs observe the foreign rules, but here's the circumstances: I have US manufactured rigs being jumped by foreign tandem masters, in a different foreign country. Which repack cycle is applicable? The country of rig manufacture? The country I'm in? Or the people jumping them? I have foreign manufactured rigs being jumped by foreigners of different countries being jumped in a third foreign country by an FAA rigger. Three different repack cycles are involved. Which should I abide by? Also, My rig, US rig, US manufacture, US resident jumper being jumped in a foreign (and strict) country with a shorter repack cycle. 120 days or 180 days?