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  1. Thanks for the answers, that definitely gives me hope. I don't know much about knee replacements, surgery etc. and feared that I only have 10 years of skydiving left. From the research I've been doing though, it seems likely that I'll be able to jump into my older years. It's good to hear from those who've had similar experiences.
  2. I recently shattered my Tibial Plateau and had to have a metal plate put in my knee. My surgeon and physical therapist say I've healed remarkably well, but that I'll need a knee replacement in 10 years. I'm 29 years old and was wondering if anyone has had a knee replacement and still skydives. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have 75 skydives and I recently sold my rig. My primary goal is to start BASE jumping. I realize that I'm far off from that goal, but I wanted some advice from those far more knowledgeable than myself. I've been considering buying a Seven and Pedigree Pro BASE rig hoping that I can use a chest reserve to use this rig for skydiving while I increase my skydiving experience before I start BASE jumping and save some money along the way. The BASE rig is two pin and acceptable for opening at terminal speeds. I've been advised by fellow BASE jumpers to jump my BASE rig before using it on an actual BASE jump--I feel the experience will only help me to understand my rig before actually taking the long step into BASE jumping. Could someone far more experienced than me advise me as to whether or not this is a reasonable option or not. Is there a better option for someone in my situation?