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  1. I first met Scotty in Deland in the 80's. It was my first jump out of a sky van. I thought who is this loud obnoxious guy. I was invited on his jump and we have been friends ever since. I will never forget in the late 80's in Z-Hills. Scott was banned from the drop zone for his partying by George. After a while like always he was allowed back on. I will never forget hearing over the loud speakers, "Scotty Carbone, the person you borrowed the mirror from wants it back". BSBD....
  2. Received an email from this person this week on a rig I have for sale. Thought it sounded fake. I always reply back with some specific skydiving questions. If they are ignored, I know it is a scam. SELLER BEWARE!
  3. Burt, You left us way too soon. I am schocked and extremely saddened. Your skydiving family will miss you my friend. I know all your family is in shock as well, and my thoughts and prayers are with them We will soar again together my friend Bob
  4. The sport lost another legend. Gary has contributed more than can be jotted down in a note. Those that knew him will always remember how he impacted you personally and always available to help out. RIP Gary and thanks for the memories and great skydives.
  5. I have known Ron for over 20 years. He was a great friend with a big heart. He will be missed by many. Blue Skies my firend. Bob
  6. I first met Beth in Z-Hills in the 80's. When her Jerry and the boys were living near the DZ. I was shocked to hear of her illness and death.
  7. I have been subscribing to Skydiving Magazine since I joined the sport. This is a sad day. I have known Mike and Sue for over 20 years and have always enjoyed reading the mag and looking forward to the next publication. A Sad day during turbulence times.
  8. It is sad that banks want us to cover their mistakes and allow to continue the high bonuses they pay out.
  9. I knew Dave from the 80's in Z-Hills. He did a mural on the ceiling of my RV. He will be missed.
  10. I met Charlie during many of the big ways that Sally was on. He was a great guy and we will surely miss him. Blue Skies Charlie