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  1. "Your a psych nurse[Crazy] You're mistaken. You're not much for reading comprehension, either. Are you? "Or do you need a audience like a punk bully." & here, you're just plain out of line. You can stick that hostility wherever you please...
  2. Born to late points finger again:;#4282579 I got into an exchange w/a couple of egotists. So what? I don't see your point.
  3. Finally! Something they can't give them H1Bs for...
  4. I'm not Shah, Norm. Shah posts under his own account. Check my spelling & grammar...
  5. "#2 has passed the point of no return and couldn't stop himself if he wanted to. Today's Sept 21 we'll see how long it takes #2 to start posts his BS again.[Crazy]" Your poor Attitude needs work. So do your not-so-mad Writing Skillz. You might want to look in the mirror, instead of picking fights w/strangers...
  6. Re: [Krip] Shah exaggerates. _____________________________________________________ "He's talking about a few Engineers. High School is over. You don't have to be upset about not being cool anymore. In fact most of the "Cool kids" grew up and are not as worried about high school as you seem to be." Here. Here... Dunno know what Krip's problem is, & really don't care.
  7. WTF ?!?! That was cute. In Shah's defense. I have met a couple of engineers in the past year or so. Both were utter social misfits, just like Shah describes.
  8. How many police shootings have to occur w/shots to center mass w/o effect??? No Thank You. The only nine I'd consider carrying, is the little Kahr PM9 (?). They are VERY tiny, & shoot well. The only thing is I get slide bite every time I shoot one. I've shot a CZ Po1 (?) a few times. It fit my hand perfectly. Nice little gun, but I wouldn't bet my life on one. To each his own.
  9. You mean other than its being proven time & again to be woefully ineffective when most needed??? Nothing, I suppose. They're fine for punching paper with.
  10. My two choices: Thank You for your service.
  11. Grouchy, grouchy... This wasn't a troll. A little lighthearted fun never hurt anyone. No disrespect was ever meant to the lady. You want on-topic? OK. TIs are responsible for their passengers' lives. Shit Happens. Wearing a decent helmet could save a life. Cretan Harley arguments against helmets are just that. TIs have a responsibility to take common sense measures to protect their charges. Wear a damn Bucket. Happy now? But, I still think a pretty gal in a Tonfly suit is hot . BTW, it's The Shah to you.
  12. Lighten up, brother. Just having a little fun. I'm sure both she & her hubby would chuckle if they saw it.
  13. I can't believe Shah hasn't chimed in on this thread, yet. He must be sick or something. I'll have to do it for him. Miss Purple Hair is hot! NFW she's a noob Tandem Bunny, either. Yeah... She bangs . Get well soon, Shah.