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  1. This is not because i am interested in becoming a manifesto, I am just curious how my dropzone's manifesto is different from other dropzone's, and what trait/s you find to be helpful for all jumpers that a manifesto might have?
  2. Disregaurd all previous posts. Unintentional stirring of the pot. Thank you to those who's posts were helpful. Blue Skies.
  3. I told you i respect your experience but your post was more than a tad more confrontation than others, other posters said things very similar and i replied to them go read some of them, but if your gona treat me like a 16 year old, than i will act like one, but im pretty sure no one wants to get advice the way you gave it. right or wrong, and im sure your right, but its whatever man, its clearly out of my hands and what any poster or I have to say is not going to sway my dads mind, i'll get it when im ready and he knows it.
  4. What are your "personal" opinions on what qualifications a manifesto should have? Legally, mentally, attitude etc.. How is your manifesto? Pros & Cons? Love? Hate?
  5. isnt a sabre a semi-elliptical 9 cell? thats the only difference i want honestly its not o much downsizing, and its a small down size, and id be conten with putting a few hundred jumps on it... i feel like im jumping a student canopy though... (which i technically am) i mean the other day i almost had to lett and un graduated aff student jump it... and she weighs 130-135? if our instructors are comfortable putting her on it then i feel it could be smaller if im going to jump tri or it could be the same sized nine cell..
  6. Dude your names jumps alot and you have an A license with 650 jumps over a span of 11 years? Good try though... and how would you react if you posted seeking out advice and slight debate and someone posted something with a tone like that? what did you want me to say 'yeah your right im so sorry i ever posted this im such a dumb ass?"
  7. nahh ill just sail over to the dump, save you guys some time...
  8. hmmmmm i was thinking more along the lines of like a 79 petra, or full sail 84 jvx?
  9. This is true but also take into consideration the amount of safe jumpers that didn't wait to downsize 517 jumps that are great canopy pilots, I don't plan on jumping a tri for the rest of my skydiving "career" so i wanna explore some canopys over my first 1000* jumps and see what i like not say im gonna dive right in (no pun intended) but i feel i have the necessary piloting skills to tryout the 150 pilot and demo the difference, i dont think that a 150 pilot is like going CRAZYYY
  10. I am grateful and its difficult to do at times, i completely understand my dads (and yours) reasoning its logical and safe, but Im also impatient and its hard at times cause i know im not completely wrong
  11. not a bad idea, hadn't considered it, ill discuss it with pops and go to a hop n pop next chance i get..
  12. Dave dude here is the 16 year old mentality: Shut the fuck up and quit being a know it all douche you just made twenty assumptions that are retarded as fuck, I respect your experience and im sure i could pick up a thing or two from you but with that said, there's another jumper at are dz under 18 whose been jumping a 135 triathlon since off of aff, she weighs maybe 15-20 pounds less than me, and shes perfectly fine? i know where the fuck I'm landing and i know i can put my canopy where i want it to go, my dz's landing area is notably small. I'm obviously inexperienced that's why I'm asking, not so you can try to shove your opinion down my throat, i do respect my dad and i don't thinks hes a dumb ass or hes wrong but i don't think its necessary for me to be on a tri 160 forever. With that said I'm not insisting it HAS TO BE RIGHT THIS MINUTE but that I'm interested in changing canopy s within the next 50 jumps? Now did you really have to answer it with that connotation? or "Do you even read what you write before you post it?" And about the whole "inexperienced in life" thing, yes i am but just cause I'm 16 and am inexperienced doesn't mean I'm fucking incoherently stupid.
  13. Ive heard from multiple people with more experience than you that i have an amazing pattern.. and to eveyone else, simply a question im 16 and im having to tell you guys to be a bit less non-confrontational? lol but i can do my pattern on rears, fronts and toggles, i know my pattern and what it should be, i do well with large sport-canopy traffic and i am a pretty conservative flyer, i mean who wouldnt be juming my canopy? Its a small downsize (10 square feet) and its a big change as far as 7 to 9 cell goes, but i have no interest in swooping anytime soon, just looking for a wee bit more performance out of my canopy flight, and its not like im gonna do a full altitude jump my first time and come blazing through the pattern hooking it and shit. Quote
  14. Lets say i'm 160 out the door, 140 on the ground, i jump a 160 triathalon and have so far put 75 (all my jumps) jumps on it with not a single "non-standup" Landing, I wanna downsize to my dads 150 pilot but he still thinks im not ready, i respect this but i respetfully disagree, any suggestions? Comments?