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  1. From another forum I frequent, this is an excerpt from a physician working in a Georgia hospital:

    I hate that I have to risk my life to take care of so many of Georgia's right wing deniers. I have patients who refuse to get tested for covid 19 or refuse my advice because this is still all a hoax by the left wing.........I have had to put about 8 of them on a vent , all 8 lived but these idiots are making it hard for people who followed all the rules and still get sick...except in 4 weeks, we won't have any ventilators for them.

  2. 4 minutes ago, normiss said:

    I always chuckle when believers praise him for saving someone, completely dismissing him destroying everything around them.

    See it all the time when disaster strikes. Seems like selective belief.

    God works in mysterious ways.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, CygnusX-1 said:

    Now is the time (more than any other) where we need to elect a 3rd party candidate. The current administration has proven that any idiot can be president. So it really doesn't matter (unlike what both parties have said for years) who is elected. Electing a 3rd party will send a message to the Ds & Rs that they need to clean house and nominate/get behind someone of quality. But I highly doubt that they would take that stance.

    Three or more parties can only be viable once we adopt ranked voting or runoff elections. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Phil1111 said:

    humph easy enough for a woman to find humor when C-19 is killing men 30% more often than women!  Kidding aside more men smoke, 3-5% more than women and use cannabis 50% more. They also work in trades welding, farming, etc which likely expose their lungs to possible damage.

    And mining. Just think what will happen when it hits those areas who voted for Trump because he promised to bring back those great mining jobs.

  5. 1 minute ago, kallend said:

    I don't like BoJo much, but unlike Trump who IS a buffoon, BoJo just plays one on TV.

    I know it is largely an act, but still he seems completely oblivious to the economic benefits of being in the EU.

  6. My city/county: population 70,000, 44 cases, 2 deaths.

    I was talking to the cop-next-door yesterday. All vacation has been canceled, and everyone is on-call all the time. But at least they are getting on-call pay. He was bemoaning the hassle of trying to disinfect all the gear he straps on, as well as the shortage of Lysol (or equivalent).