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  1. I dropped by this DZ while vacationing in the area and enjoyed a very pleasant day. The staff and fun jumpers were fantastic people, who immediately invited me to join them for some great 4-ways. Thanks Tyler, Marty, Tom & Peg!! They only fly a 182 but got us to 13,000' for each jump. I'll definitely return when I'm back in the area and would recommend anyone to check it out.
  2. Simple question...I'm a newbie searching for gear and have sent a query to a few sellers. Is there any way to track queries that I've sent? They're not in my messages or sent email. Is there somewhere else they can be found?
  3. Thank you Sir! I'm basically just looking for a new helmet and hate buying without being able to try it on. I take the online sizing charts with a big grain of salt.
  4. I was told in passing of a very nice gear store in the Chicago area but haven't had any success with a web search. Any Chicagoland jumpers with some local knowledge?
  5. Unfortunately, I'm speaking from a position of complete ignorance, as I've never purchased a rig before.
  6. When I say "Custom" leftie deployment is all I was looking for, and emergency procedures are no problem. However, I've seen recommendations that a used rig may have a much less comfortable fit than one that's custom built specifically for me. If there would be a very noticeable difference, I'll always take quality over price. When you say 'custom' what else do you need besides a left hand main deployment? If everything else is the same, all you need is a BOC pouch sewn on facing the other way, not really a big deal, and not all that 'custom'. If that's all you need, you don't need a new container to have a left hand deployment, you can just have a rigger sew a fresh BOC on facing the left side. Truth is, a fresh BOC when you buy a used rig isn't a bad idea at all, no matter what side you need it on. Are you good with your emergency procedures? Can you pull the cutaway handle with no problem, and with a good deal of strength?
  7. New to the sport and have very limited range of motion in my right shoulder due to injury. Which manufacturers will constuct a custom container for left-handed deployment?...Is there a specific manufacturer you would recommend for this?