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  1. Quote "No question~ Frank Zappa: Titties & Beer. He didn't like ya anyway, may as well pay homage to what brought you into his family!" First of all, Airtwardo, you have been a driving force in my recovery. Thank you. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that your suggested song title outlines the cause for my wife's very existence. "Jewish Princess." Catholic Girls," and " Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?" need not apply. I think you're on to something!
  2. Allllllright then.... I'm new to the sport and newer to the forums. So, is this kind of inconclusiveness something I should get used to? Please do not intemperate this question as any form of disrespect. I'm thrilled to get the responses, even if they leave me just as questionable as where I was when I started. Here's one maybe all of you can agree on... When I recover from my broken ankle, and begin jumping again in April I would like to make my first skydive back a special one. It will be my 17th jump, and since that is how old my wife was when we began dating, it only seems appropriate that I should spread her fathers ashes during my free fall. (Wow, that man did not like me!) Anyway, because I'm a sentimental man and want the moment to last, I was thinking a wing-suit would be the only appropriate way. Now, documentation is immeasurably important and can only be done properly through video. I have no "GoPro" or any other newfangled equipment. However, I do have my uncles old VHS recorder and a football helmet from my sophomore year. NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU"RE THINKING!!!!! What about the music? And this brings us to the reason for the post. Granted, I will be listening to my Ipod while jumping a wing suit and filming the spreading of my father in laws ashes, but I will have a hook knife in case anything on this 3,500ft hop n pop goes wrong. Finally, the question! Are you thinking a rock n roll thing or maybe R n B over the edited footage? My first thought was classical, but I don't wanna cramp in on the "Chariots of Fire" style. Any input is appreciated. Mahalo, Josh
  3. How long is the drive to the DZ from the dental office?
  4. Thanks folks. Skinn, I saw the recent post of the gal who was pushed out after an accidental activation of reserve at the door, and subsequent posts of a horrible accident due to a similar mal. Some occasions that would benefit from the use of a knife seem self evident, but I wouldn't dare expect my current "common sense" to serve as a deciding factor. So, I guess the obvious question would be... where do I learn about causes for use, and the proper execution of knife use in the event of said causes? And again, where would one carry a hook knife? (I'm looking for functional, but style points are also important. There are ladies at my DZ). Thanks again, Josh
  5. Quote"Sure, looking for it will give you something to occupy the last few seconds of your life." Never mind then. I had already allocated that time for high speed BM. Last thing I need is a frantic search interfering with my grand finale.
  6. The subject line kinda says it all. Should we new jumpers carry hook knives, and if so, can you recommend one, and also, where does one carry it? As always thanks. You guys are the best, Josh
  7. I was enjoying the irony yesterday as I sat in the DMV waiting to get my temp handicap placard reading The Parachute and it's Pilot. I've been reading most all the recommended materials posted here. I really can't thank you folks enough. The support I've received here has been priceless. Anybody here an expert on healthcare cost negotiation? Thanks again all. You'r awesome
  8. I just ordered "The Parachute and Its Pilot", my recent experience was that the Parachute landed softly... Its pilot... not so much. Thanks for the ideas, and please keep em' coming. the Transcending Fear is something i'll probably need in about a month. I will say it now and continue to say it. I have much love and respect for the folks who simply help others, and you are those people. Thanks! Josh
  9. Airtwardo, that's exactly how I lost focus in the first place. thanks
  10. I suffered a severe ankle break on the 6th of January when I landed like an idiot on a beautiful day in perfect conditions. It was my 16th jump so I'm obviously a student. It was my third jump of the day. The first two were great jumps and landings, and on the third I lost focus, flared earlier than I usually would and let the toggles up. I dropped like a sack of potatoes and did not PLF. Now I have a few screws, a rod, a freaked out wife, and a great deal of time to think about my next jump. So, if you could, I would love to have some recommended reading materials. My focus, I think, would be on canopy control, and the basic science of canopy flight. Web stuff is great, but some books would be even better. Maybe some DVD's? Thanks very much for any time you give me. Blue skies, Josh
  11. a few times? That's a horrible place to land. How did that happen?