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  1. Communication is the key ;-)
  2. Hey :-) Email me @ I'll sort you out Cheers. Chris.
  3. Because we get asked if you can take Sail Petra's terminal.... Judge for yourself Chris
  4. Just thought i'd post a pic of the latest version we sent Nick, it was such a success we have made several more :-) Chris
  5. Hey, a hybrid Leia will pack up a little larger than an all zp JVX. Cheers. Chris.
  6. It will be fine to leave packed up as any normal ZP canopy. This isn't really an informative video as such just a bit of fun :-) Chris.
  7. Yep , that's no worries. Just send an email through to and he can make the changes. Cheers. Chris.
  8. The typical wear and tear on full sail canopy comes from packing and openings, the centre cells take the most abuse. With the Hybird option the ZP outer takes all the abuse , the internals really don't get affected. Packing wise I noticed as small increase , but nothing to be concerned about. You wont be disappointed. Chris.
  9. Actually, I believe their prototypes are named after porn stars Yep Chris
  10. JLX is not recommended as a first x-brace and it might be considered wise to have some time under either of those before making the switch. FTR: I'm very happy with my JVX and for me at least it'll be some considerable time before i'd even consider another canopy. You would definitely want to have time under a JVX or equivalent wing before making the switch. Sizing wise you'll want to ( when you feel ready) go a little smaller , they are a much more efficient wing and an equivalent size tends to "feel bigger". Typically people drop 2-4 square ft from their current size. We are so proud of this wing, and can't wait to see more out there! Chris.
  11. Sofia is a new prototype, specifically designed to break the speed record. She is based on Petra , with only small but important differences. ( We cannot detail these ) We've been chasing the speed record for quite some time, but this year we decided to dedicate some serious R&D to developing the fastest parachute out there. Working with Nick and listening to his inputs and thoughts on how to make Petra even faster helped us a great deal. We are proud to have not only the fastest Parachute in the world but also the fastest man out there flying it. Sofia is not a product, She was an experiment that worked very well! We will see where she leads us and what is next for her. Chris.
  12. Nice little slow mo of Leia over the pond in Outback Australia:-)
  13. Glad you enjoyed your time on her :-) Thanks for the awesome feed back!! Cheers. Chris.
  14. Email :-) Cheers, Chris.
  15. Missing us from the list :) NZ Aerosports Ltd - Icarus and Daedalus Canopies: profile name: Sakeryzf Real Name: Chris Brook
  16. In relation to a velocity (comp or otherwise), how do the flight characteristics compare? Is it a serious step up in performance such as recovery arc, swooping distance, rear riser power, flare power? Could you offer a good side by side comparison for a velo flyer who is interested in jumping the fence? In comparison to a JVX, sail or otherwise she is a huge leap in performance. Riser pressure is lighter , She loves to dive and is easy to keep that way. Recovery arch is much longer than a JVX. We have had several Velo/comp pilots try this canopy, and their option is it dives more aggressively has a wider range both slow and fast. Hope this answers your question. Cheers. Chris.
  17. Here you go, she's awesome !!! I get to fly a lot of different Wings in my job, this one is with out doubt one of the nicest I've ever flown :-)
  18. Hey Stumpy! That is skydive ballistic blondes in Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand, we LOVE jumping there :-D Chris.
  19. Not on this prototype, we've been playing with several different ideas. Glad you like the look of her, she's fantastic fun ;-) Chris.
  20. It's made of zp , it does improve performance in a very special way ;-) that's all I'm currently at liberty to divulge :-) Cheers, Chris.
  21. As promised, here is the 2nd prototype we designed after learning a thing or two from Bridget. Over all this canopy was much less twitchy and performance was incredible from the very beginning.... But we weren't done yet ;-) Here's a few pics of us playing around at 'work' :-D
  22. Glad you like the video! We had great time making it :-D Cheers. Chris.
  23. Hey, yes the frontal area is larger ,this was the very first prototype we made in the Petra-lite project, we discovered a few things about this platform and refined the design a little more and came up with the next prototype in the series. I'll post a few photos of her later on. :-) Chris.