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    pack volume from petra

    Hey :-) Email me @ I'll sort you out Cheers. Chris.
  2. Sofia is a new prototype, specifically designed to break the speed record. She is based on Petra , with only small but important differences. ( We cannot detail these ) We've been chasing the speed record for quite some time, but this year we decided to dedicate some serious R&D to developing the fastest parachute out there. Working with Nick and listening to his inputs and thoughts on how to make Petra even faster helped us a great deal. We are proud to have not only the fastest Parachute in the world but also the fastest man out there flying it. Sofia is not a product, She was an experiment that worked very well! We will see where she leads us and what is next for her. Chris.
  3. Sakeryzf

    JFX V Velocity

    I've flown both! I've sent you a PM :-)
  4. Sakeryzf

    Skydiving Kiwis

    Stunning views, awesome friendly staff. BBQ's whist the sun sets. Fun jumping all day... What's not to like! I might even move here! :-D