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  1. bfwoelber

    Skydive The Farm

    I would recommend STF to ANYONE! My favorite reasons are the people, the package pricing, passion for the sport paired with professionalism (how do ya like that alliteration). My husband and I did tandem jumps there several months ago and came back this past weekend to start the AFF program. They have an amazing A-license package, better than anywhere else we looked. Had a great time with Andy in ground school and completed Level 1. Jesse and SuperDave were my instructors and they were awesome. (Would have gone farther but bad weather kept us grounded the rest of the weekend. Took advantage of the time to learn how to pack from Sam!) I loved the gorgeous area, ideal DZ location. We were also able to stay at the DZ, very appreciated. We loved meeting everyone and can't wait to go back to finish AFF and get our A license as soon as we can get back down there! Wish we lived closer! We're making STF our home DZ despite the distance. :)