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  1. moving down to Florida in the winter what are the closest dzs? I found clewiston and sw skydive club for naples anything near brandenton? hopefully closer then an hour ?
  2. I was wondering if it would be stupid to jump with my nose slightly touching it, I mean at that point wouldnt my nose get broken if kicked in the face hard enough regardless of a visor lol
  3. So I bought a used z1 fullface on here and the size is a xl and my nose is smushed in the visor, now I have been told that its the liner you replace not the shell so I ordered a xxl and have yet to see if that works but I took off the liner and put it on and my nose still slightly touches the visor, this might sound stupid but does anyone have the same problem where there nose touches the visor? is my head just to big for the z1 in general?
  4. well all of the scheduled maintenance was done timing belt, head gaskets (got it in the carfax though I dont always trust it because they dont always report everything) my mechanic came and checked it out too,either way when I came back to try to deal with him for the subi someone came 2 hours before me and put a grand down, sucks... Down the road I found a 2007, chevy cobalt sedan LS with 60,000 miles in excellent shape for $8000 I looked on KBB price was going for almost 10k so, if this seems overpriced I am totally lost ended up getting that because 3 other employees I know have this car and its been great for them (comes with a usual 60 day warranty and also life time engine warranty as long as I bring in the oil change receipt every 3,000 miles) Lol now all 3 of us have black 06-07 chevy cobalts and 2 of us bought it from the same dealer Im happy with it , my mechanic is , hopefully its not shitty any of you guys have any experience with one? (My friend has a WRX STI , hopefully one day looong down the road I will get that (getting my A is more important) , but for now I get to enjoy being in the passengers seat of it )
  5. well unfortunately I have a week left to look because work, etc and its from a dealer and both have warranties my cousin is a mechanic so Im having him take a look but I always heard buying private wasnt such a great idea? I Checked kbb out before hand and it has a higher price than what they are going for at the dealership so I didnt know that its still considered over priced, thanks for any input also its very appreciated
  6. what about crash LANDINGS? it counts in my book...but my book doesnt really have anything, Im excited for Jebs too though I giant ramps everywhere for a "air" park sounds like a terrible idea whats the actual date for this one?
  7. well i figured the subi is overpriced but the sonata is too? hmm that sucks
  8. Forgot to mention the hyundai at first was making some odd sound went away after a little while and the subaru sounded great (actually sounded the best out of the last 2 months of test driving cars) maybe you can tell I really am trying to make excuses to get that subi
  9. Well I know this is probably a stupid decision but hey, its coming from a stupid person so between these cars (which I both took for test drives) which should I get and is it a bad idea to get the subaru because of the miles? I just need something to get back to the dz with. My Car got totaled by a 97 year old man who shouldnt have been driving AT ALL could use some more input 2004 Hyundai Sonata, 58k miles , $6950 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5I , 118k miles, $8000 both in great condition and I know its probably better for the hyundai but is it pointless to consider the subi? I heard from everyone they are super reliable anyone have experience with buying vehicles over 100k?
  10. Sorry I AM a flying noob....not like one
  11. I was going to buy matching gear too! but I need a reline so I was putting my money on that waiting.. then read this, maybe its good I don't look like a colorful noob (even if I fly like one) but just a noob. BUT IM STILL GETTING MY GREEN LANTERN CUSTOM JUMP SUIT NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!
  12. Instructor: Whats this mean! Me:Legs out Intstructor: Whats this mean! Me:Arch Instructor:Whats this mean! Me:Uhh.....Flying like an ass!
  13. Well I found out I am only 6'2 and a 1/2 so the doctors that measure me are idiots so It probably will fit me thanks guys