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  1. One year in college on the Schuykil River in Philly. Boat House Row. Nothing like an evening practice when all the houses were lit up and everyone in sync.
  2. I know I should be used to disappointment by the Iggles but it still hurts. Respect the Dolphin
  3. Galen

    Holy crap!!!

    This is slightly making up for all those years of disappointments.
  4. You should have driven to z-hills. Weather sucked there too but at least we could have gotten drunk.
  5. It was actually in the 70's here and felt nice. Unfortunately there was a 2K ceiling and it was windy. Not what the forecast said it was going to be. Tomorrow night it'll be down into mid 30's
  6. Brains for dinner, brains for lunch.......
  7. What about the Finnish girls in schoolgirl outfits? Don't tell me you don't remember that. Does anyone know if Jib ever woke up?
  8. Yup, looks like they got it on the first try. Left the DZ before they did their video debrief. I'm sure Oren or someone who was on the load will give more details. Congratulations guys.
  9. Things are Ok here in Sarasota. A lot of people lost power. I didn't. A lot of debris but no major damage. Spent last night with Stacy at the assisted living facility where she manages the Special Care Unit. We lost power their about 5am. It was interesting to say the least. I have a new found respect for those that work with seniors that have alzheimers and other forms of dementia.
  10. Galen

    Frances & FL DZs

    Anyone have any information on how FLorida DZ's made out with the storm? Zhills, Sebastian, Titusville, DeLand, Lake Wales.....
  11. Galen


    In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mom's trying to get me to go stay with her and her sister in Sarasota. But you're implying it's expected to hit there too? I guess not as bad as Orlando... --------------------------------------------------- It's not a high probability but I think we recently learned here that these things don't exactly follow computer models. I'm not putting it up unless it looks pretty bad for us. I'm trying to get my sister to come here form Orlando.
  12. Galen


    There is no plywood to be found here in Sarasota either. I went out last night to look. Luckily a friend with hurricane shutters has a few sheets he's willing to give me.
  13. Galen


    Just read it could go anywhere from the Carolinas to New Orleans. If anyone needs to get away from the East Coast I've got some room. Unless of course it heads northwest south of the lake than I may be knocking on some doors or camped out with the old people with Stacy.
  14. Galen


    You guys watch out. This one looks pretty nasty. I thought I read that tropical storm force winds extend around 170 miles from the center. Actualy, everyone in FL needs to watch out. I think we all just learned that these things are not all that predictable.
  15. yeah, it's starting to skirt the coast line. could come just south of venice now. we're so in a rush for information it looks like we are constantly looking at radar simulations plotted with two points which only shows straight lines. they still it could still take off into the gulf. i just saw live broadcast from ft. meyers. Nasty winds there. For those in the Sarasota area I'm finding the best information comes from ABC on channel 7. Right now I'm drinking beer and eating beef jerky.