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  1. If you feel like your rig doesn't fit correctly, or you just aren't happy with it, let me know. Whatever the issue is, we can fix it. (I work for Sun Path) Make a couple of jumps and let me know what you think. You can contact me at Thanks! Chris
  2. You are correct, ASAP = As Short As Possible. More than likely this rig was built for someone short, but stocky. Or someone short and stocky bought it used and we adjusted the main lift web for them. The C yoke provides for room in the chest, both front to back (think pectoral muscle through to your shoulder blade) and side to side. The ASAP provides a main lift web short enough to keep the rig from moving up and down, or having the chest strap too high under canopy. If you ever have questions about our gear feel free to call us at 910 875 9002. Thanks! Chris
  3. It has come to our attention that several discount coupon winners are trying to sell their coupons for cash. Please read the fine print. No cash value means it's only worth the paper it's printed on, and the stated discount on a rig. Not a dollar figure determined by the winner. Non-Transferable means only the winner can redeem the coupon. That is why we get the winners name from an event organizer after the event. If you have purchased a discount coupon for one of our products, please e-mail a copy of it to If I have posted this in the wrong place, moderator feel free to move, or delete and let me know the appropriate forum. Thanks! Chris