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  1. What does your DZ use Student mode or Expert mode on your Student Rigs? My DZ's is looking to replace out of date AAD's I am not looking for insight as to brand. I am trying to understand which mode DZ's choose and why. Thanks.
  2. If the slider you have is the original. Call PD they have bigger sliders for the sabre. I got one for a customer of mine last year, and he is very happy. the size is similar to what is described in the link above.
  3. I received that following from Airborne systems when trying to find a packing manual for a GQ security 150. Hi Tim, The companies lifing policy on emergency escape parachutes is 15 years on condition, the GQ150 was superseded many years ago by the 350 then the 650 Silhouette assemblies. The GQ150 was pre computer generation and as they are life expired and superseded we don’t have the packing manual anymore. I understand the rules on lifing are different in the states and that it is the riggers responsibility to repack on condition, but that would not be supported by the company in the event of an accident. Airborne Systems Ltd.
  4. What are they saying here? if the unit does anything strange when you are starting it up, Don't jump it? Could they be a little more specific as to what I will see when turning it on?
  5. A freind of mine got a new V3 and I packed the researve for her hooked up the main. She picked it up... about 2 hours later a got a phone call and she was crying because she thought the gromets on the closing flaps were wrong. I had no idea what she was talking about so I went downstairs to her apartment and saw her standing on the rig trying to close it bottom top left right.... I LMAO and told her to read the manual. and close it Bottom Top Right Left it would be alot easier.