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  1. as there are shoulder straps between your neck and the inlets there wont be much pressure anyways
  2. Thanks to all for the constructive replies! it was a very entertaning thread. we will be doing a round trip now. starting in SFO. going via LA to Elsinore and Perris, the great nationalparks to Lodi, Byron and Davis. Will be a fun trip and hoping to meet some of you guys! If Bill suddenly decides to warmly welcome wingsuiters again please let us know ;-) cheers joggl
  3. Last weekend I heard some rumors about wingsuits in Lodi beeing banned again. Came from a californian jumper I met at ITW... As we are a group of jumpers that would like to visit Lodi in July and would also like to fly our wingsuits there, could some locals give any updates on the current situation? So we may change plans if it stays like this... Thanks, Cheers Joggl