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  1. A bit off topic, but I highly recommend Irving's book on Hughes. It's available on Amazon. It's really good. If it hadn't been fake, it would have won a Pulitzer. It was well researched and enough of it was true that it fooled people who knew Hughes and his story well. They had gotten access to (stole actually) a book being written by one of his disgruntled senior managers and used information in it. However, you don't know which parts were true and which parts were made up. Some of the stories were rumors that only the real Hughes would have known all the details, and he made up details to fill it in. (Not unlike many with Cooper suspects they like). For example, there is a story of Hughes meeting Ernest Hemingway. It was an interesting interaction. But, since Hemingway was long dead by the time Irving wrote the book, I suspect that story was all fiction. Sorry for the aside.
  2. I can't find the original document....I might have mistyped the number. My notes were (from Piece county site) 911190540 Statutory Warrantee Deed 11/19/1991 From Edwin and Mary Smith Originally dated October 3, 1961 signed by the Smiths East half of Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter, Section 10, Township 19 North, Range 5, EWM Together with any and all mineral rights Kenny lived at 18406 Old Buckley Hwy This is the land Kenny bought in 1961, Document 821001 is still on the Pierce County site...that's when he sold the land for $300,000. I attached that and the file that describes the parcel. You might know if it's the one behind the Safeway. It's grown up so rapidly around that area. Kenny's old house has been torn down. The first time I drove by there it was out in the middle of nowhere. Hardly recognize it now. 821001.pdf 9209150606.pdf
  3. The process based on what I saw was the Grimes got a $7500 assumable loan on the house that Kenny was able to take over. Not a big risk for the mortgage company if Kenny could cover the payment, and it was only for 50% of the value of the house. The Grimes then took a note for the rest of purchase price. They're in second position behind the mortgage company -- so again, nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn't able to find out the purchase price because of mortgage doesn't list the price. But, there was excise tax paid, so it's possible to figure out if that document can be found. But, that's going off on a tangent. Kenny was a smart investor who was able to buy a house putting up little or no money. He also bought some wooded land in 1961 that he sold for $300,000 in the early 90s. That transaction alone explains the value of his estate when he died. Let's say you still want to make the case for Kenny being Cooper. Fine. But, if he were, those facts seem to suggest no financial windfall and he lost all of the money on the way down. If Bernie had simply told you "Kenny couldn't have been Cooper. I was with him that weekend", you would have dropped this whole thing. And, think how different the last 12 years of your life would have been.:)
  4. Robert - keep in mind this was all during the Boeing downturn and houses were difficult to sell. Although, I'd expect this transaction to be uncommon, it's not novel. You must know some real estate people. Ask them to walk through this with you.
  5. I don't recall anyone insinuating Tina was senile on the History Channel show. If someone did, her appearance refuted that. She came off very well. And, you do know that Colbert's team left no longer believing him ON THE SHOW. Not later. The consensus at the end of show of EVERYONE EXCEPT Colbert was that Rackstraw was not Cooper. The History Channel show did not advocate for Rackstraw -- which is why I express my doubts that you watched it.
  6. One of the frustrations in responding to you is so many things you say are easily refutable. If you look at the scene with Tina in the history channel, they DID show her other suspects. You can easily pick out a photo of LD Cooper. Can't identify the other photos, but it's pretty clear it wasn't just Rackstraw she saw photos of.
  7. Robert, when you say things like this, I have to believe you did not watch the History Channel program on DB Cooper. Rackstraw was Tom Colbert's suspect. At the end of the show, the two investigators (Billy Jepsen and Tom Fuentes) said they did not believe Rackstraw was Cooper. The rest of Colbert's team left him -- not believing Rackstraw was Cooper. Tom Colbert was all alone advocating that. There really is no way to watch the program and reach that conclusion.
  8. I suppose this is possible. Anything is possible. However, if you're DB Cooper this is the last thing you'd want to do. It's been five years. The case is cold. The case is open, but the FBI is not actively searching for clues. More likely waiting for information to come up and only assigning one agent to the case. Then, the money appears and all of a sudden more agents are assigned to the case, they're looking for clues. Now, the FBI might ask if anyone saw anyone dump anything into the river. Maybe somebody did. So, instead of being able to lay low, Cooper would have attracted a whole bunch of attention to himself. That's just not smart. Not to say it couldn't happen. Prisons are full of convicts who might have never been caught if they hadn't done something stupid.
  9. FYI - since Kenny is a topic over here.....I was in Bonney Lake last weekend getting my oil changed, I thought I'd drive by Kenny's old house (the print shop). It has been torn down -- it's just a vacant lot now. As far as Kenny goes, the story is full of contradictions. Robert -- if we were to hypothesize that Kenny was Cooper, did he get away with the money? Given what we now know (he bought a house on a rural highway no bigger than a trailer for $15,000 and didn't put up any of his own money to buy it, and his entire net worth when he died is mostly explained by some wooded land he bought in 1962 and sold in 1991), if Kenny were Cooper, he didn't get away with the money. The only real financial largess was the $5000 loan to Bernie's sister....A plausible explanation for that was it was Bernie's money in the loan. Why would he tell his sister it was Kenny's? Anyone who's ever loaned money to a family knows the answer to that one --you're less likely to get it back. I know we've been down this road many times. We know where it leads.
  10. I know I'm wasting my time responding to this, Robert, but the only conclusion I can come to is you did not watch the History Channel Cooper broadcast. The show did not advocate Rackstraw as D.B. Cooper. Quite the opposite. At the end, only Tom Colbert remained as believing that. Not only did Tom Fuentes and Billy Jepsen not believe it, the rest of Colbert's staff also bailed.
  11. It makes it very difficult to give you the benefit of the doubt when you deny the obvious.
  12. You can Google “10 dollars and other valuable consideration” and get several entries explaining it. However, Shutter explained it pretty well a few posts back.
  13. Tom Colbert fell prey to confirmation bias and motivated reasoning. But, he’s hardly alone for those with favorite suspects in the Cooper case.
  14. I don’t know why their offices were raided, but I do know Tom Colbert was not happy with the program.
  15. Ok, this is confusing to me. Did we watch the same broadcast? The History Channel DB Cooper doc was two separate tracks. One was Tom Colbert’s research on Rackstraw. The second separate track was Jepsen and Fuentes researching the story. At the end, Colbert believed it was Rackstraw, Colbert and Jepsen did not. The documentary was not a vehicle to push Rackstraw as a candidate. I met Jepsen and Fuentes when they interviewed Vicki ( which was not included in the broadcast). They did not have any preconceived notions at all. In fact, they hadn’t done any research about the case in advance at all. But, it was not a pro-Rackstraw broadcast. If anything it was the opposite.