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  1. Nealeod

    Google tandem ads.

    How is $139 tandem possible? How do you even break even?
  2. Nealeod

    Letting the student distract you

    This video is at least 2 years old, possibly older. I saw this video on a S&TAs laptop at an east coast DZ. although I'm confident I didn't see the original, I did see a full version of this. They didn't want to share much about this incident other than his ratings were pulled, he was fired and was facing criminal charges. I am not aware of the above results. There was a fear of this reaching the Internet however, but since it has it would seem appropriate this TI name should be released, arm DZs with enough knowledge of this incident to curb any other potential anxieties this may cause.
  3. Nealeod

    Friday jumping, VA, NC

    Go to ORANGE! Great facilities, great atmosphere and the greatest group of guys and gals within 500 miles easily. In the 20+ DZs I have been to, there in the top 2 with Eloy.
  4. Nealeod

    Hand salute part 1

  5. Nealeod

    newbie rigging question

    Might be best to let your rigger show you how to do this in person. He/she should do it for free or a beer.
  6. Nealeod

    C-130 poised exit

  7. Nealeod

    MC4 AAD

    Looks like you might find better info below.
  8. Nealeod

    MC4 AAD

    The AR2 replaced the FF2 but we we now use either all military rigs use Cypres currently. I wouldnt jump the AR2.
  9. Nealeod

    Post your Mirage Pics

    Is it me or does the reserve look a little big? What size is your container and your reserve make/model and size please.
  10. Nealeod

    Beware of the (experts!)

    All your effort is lost in your ranting and looks more like you just want someone to pat you on the back. Great job airborne!
  11. Nealeod

    Post your Mirage Pics

    Very nice. What type/size of canopy and color did you get?
  12. Nealeod


    It is the 1800's and a man picks his new mail ordered bride up from the international pier. This man is clearly wealthy as he owns one of the nicest horse and carriages around. He escorts his newly arrived wife onto to the carriage and off they return to his quarters. The man is obviously impatient and whips the horse more than normal. Immediately, the horse veers slightly to the right and leads the carriage into a small pothole knocking the wife to the floorboards of the carriage. The man stops the carriage and gets down to within inches of the horses face and whispers something into the horse ear. Afterwards, in a normal voice the man says to the horse, "That’s 1". The wife asked the man what he had said to the horse and he pretended that it wasn't worth repeating. A few minutes later, the horse let out a little fart, enough to disturb the wife. The man gets off the horse, whispers something into the horses ear again and in a normal voice says "that’s 2". He gets back on the carriage and now she is very concerned and is almost desperate in wonder what the man could have said to this horse. Finally, the horse kicks up a little mud onto the wife and the man stops the carriage, gets next to the horse and shoots him in the head killing the horse instantly. The wife is completely freaked out and says "why did you shoot the horse, how are we supposed to get home now?????". The man looks at her and says "That’s 1".
  13. Any update on your container and time line? I wonder why there has been such a disparity between your order and mine...
  14. Nealeod

    Virginia Skydiving Center

    Started off slow due to weather, but got a few lifts on the caravan. Great plane and well maintained. The pilot was super cool and competent. No resturaunt on site however, the staff ordered food from local resturaunts. No skygods just fun jumpers and tandems. Come to VSC and jump.