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  1. TerminalGravity


    Demo'd a Pulse 210 a few weeks ago, and decided to buy one. The openings are great. About half the snivel of my Spectre and Sabre2 but opens very soft. Very flat glide but can burn off altitude if you need to with a deep toggle turn. Quick recovery. Outstanding in deep brakes, and flying rears you can stay up there forever. The demo had the landing upgrade, the one I bought (used) does not and I can't tell the difference, at least not at my 1.21 WL. Landing is great, plenty of flare power. And best of all, I have a 210 that fits perfectly in a 170 d-bag. Awesome canopy for getting more nylon in a smaller rig.
  2. TerminalGravity


    Got this canopy used with 480 jumps on it. It opens like a dream no matter how you pack it. With a pro pack I get consistent 700 ft. soft snively openings. Glide is surprisingly flat and it's awesome in deep brakes. Very stable in turbulence as well. It has fairly light toggle pressure at my 1.21 wing loading, although it takes a bit of pull to start a turn but when it turns it is snappy and recovers quick. Fronts are decent from full flight, better coming out of brakes. You can plane it out on landing or sink in nice and soft for a tiptoe if you want. When I beat this one to death, I will definately be getting another Spectre.
  3. TerminalGravity

    Skydive Spaceland Houston

    Me and my wife did 2 tandems and our AFF at Spaceland. The staff is like a second family to us. Great aircraft and plenty of loads. For those reviews complaining about being "tricked" into sitting all day in bad weather and not getting a refund, I will say this: I have sat many times for hours in bad weather only to have an opening pop up and get two or three jumps in. You never know! This is a weather related sport, if you tell everyone "its cloudy today, go home" at 8am you will not be in business long. The refund policy is clearly stated on the website and in the manifest office. These guys are skydivers, not meteoroligists so next time do your homework, pay attention to the website and HUGE banner in manifest. They are not here to rip you off, and if you hang around and talk to everyone I think you'll find they are a pretty awesome group. Sad that such an awesome place gets a few bad reviews from people who didn't pay attention.