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  1. Nice article Spot! I totally agree with "selecting someone who is a world champion in this or an award winner of that, may actually be counter productive." For me a good coach is someone who has the knowledge, and seek the best way to pass it on, giving a feedback and trying to correct something wrong.
  2. One year ago I decided to learn how to skydive and spend 3 months jumping in a dropzone. My choice was Skydive Elsinore, and it was the best I could have taken! The staff is super friendly, there are lots of really experienced instructors who respect you and encourage you to learn and improve! The landing area is huge and they explain you carefully the landing patterns. There is plenty of space for the students, and if you land really far a van would pick you up. Throughout the three months I was in Elsinore, there were many events for all sorts of experience levels and disciplines going on. I was even luckier to be there for Bridge the Gap, an awesome event that literally bridge the gaps between you and the manufactures, coaches and disciplines you want to get in. Once I completed 200 jumps I even learnt to wingsuit at Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School. After 300 jumps and 3 months living in a tent in the Dropzone, experiencing the great vibe and events, there's no other place I would recommend for someone to learn or improve the skills.