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  1. IslandJumper


    My Sabre 1 135 is my first canopy loaded about 1.3. It is an absolute blast to fly! it will swoop, dive, glide, and everything in between. It is true that it is a head banger, but I have found the solution to that. one sized bigger slider. A sabre 2 in the same condition as mine would cost about $1200, I paid $600 for mine and paid $50 to have the new slider installed. O and the slider cost $35 used from PD. so in the door I am still at least $550 up. Plus the sabre 1 flies way way way better than a sabre 2. if I had to compare, the sabre 1 is like VW golf, not the fastest, prettiest, or best car out there, but man is it a blast to get behind the wheel. While the sabre 2 is like a honda civic. Great great great car, will last forever and has no surprises, but its just too tame. too spongy. My advise would be, if you want a sabre and want to save money, buy a sabre 1 and just get a bigger slider. you will not regret it. and since you only buy a good one for $500 you can sell it for $400 it only depreciated $100!!! beat that!
  2. IslandJumper

    Skydive Sebastian

    Visited Sebastian this past weekend and from the second we stepped out of the car to when we left was nothing but a pleasure. Good thing Sebastian is a 2 hour drive for me or I would drop outta school and jump all day every day here if I could. They are that good. If you have the ability you must visit.
  3. IslandJumper

    Skydive DeLand

    Good DZ, nice facilities