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  1. Very nice ppt there, to the point. I was aware that small format certainly still had more or less the same risks as others but, was not aware of so many entanglements with bridles and such. Once again thank you good post sir.
  2. If you have the opportunity, and it is good gear, etc, get it! Packing is no big deal, get with some people and they should help you out. I always offer for people needing help with packing to come my house and do few pack jobs free of charge. It was taught to me free so I pass it on for free. Once you get your rig and learn packing again I highly recommend packing a few times a week at home this will help muscle memory for packing and your speed. The faster you pack the more likely you are to get on more loads. Joel
  3. Very Very Very Damn SWEEEEEET! I love it.
  4. I think the tjnk is kind of a smaller container. I had an oj with a viper 150 and it was fairly tight. Hope that helps.
  5. I started on a triathlon 190 as well, I would recommend a pulse or safire 2 both great canopies.
  6. Does anyone know of some good freefly coaches at I fly seattle or in the area? Thanks for the help.. Joel
  7. That's awesome man. Good to hear ari looks very solid.
  8. Very cool. The website says 950 for 1 hr of coaching and that includes the tunnel time. Can you confirm that? That seems very fair which makes me wonder if maybe there is something I am missing. Thanks for the help Joel
  9. Does anyone know much about niklas daniel and axis flight school? I'm looking to fly in the tunnel with him the site says 950 an hr for tunnel time and coaching. Any who have flown with him or anyone else good in the area would be appreciated.
  10. Good deal. I do not think you will have any problems. The way it is typically done is 10 min blocks, 2 min per set with you and your instructor. All of the instructors at sky venture Colorado are highly skilled. Svco is typically cheaper than most other tunnels. They have a spot where you can e mail the instructors and ask what their rates are. Derek p and Derek v are very good but you can't miss with any of the staff there, they are all highly capable and professional. Good luck send a pm if you have any other questions
  11. Yes you can do an hour in a weekend. I travel from wichita ks and made 2 trips last year. I fly in Denver and their staff is top notch. What type of flying are you wanting to do?
  12. glad to see someone else say that. I have dealt with some of these issues and have had several friends quit not because they did not like jumping anymore, but because of the people. Funny thing is a lot of people have huge egos with no reason or experience that would warrant such and ego, and the people who are actually very very good typically have very little, to no ego about their skills at all. You say what most people are thinking, but either can't quite put their finger on the problem or don't have the guts to say so. I applaud you my friend, keep it up we need more folks like yourself who call it as they see it. Thank you for your posts.
  13. ok. I am comfortable doing downwinds, yesterday I just found myself feeling that I probably should not complete my 180 where I was. I started my dowinwind part of my approach too late. So I just did a braked turn and then a 90 degree front riser turn. Is that ok? Or is there a better way?
  14. What turn do you do if you realize you screwed up and did not get your pattern right, and need to do a turn that conserves altitude so that you can still get turned around into the wind?
  15. Yeah my coach told me that, you can check the walls stability and believe me you, they are solid.
  16. Wondering if anyone has taken a curt swanson canopy course out of skydive dallas?
  17. my thoughts were that openings are good on x fire 2 from the one i jumped a little less tapered, does not turn as fast on toggle turns but dives a little better on fronts. thoughts? am i missing anything?
  18. What are the differences between viper 150 and crossfire 2 149?
  19. i have a viper 150 and it needs re lined, anyone know where i could send it for a re line or get a line set for it? Thanks, Joel
  20. Does anyone know if the liquid eyewear sunglasses give a good seal around the eyes for jumping. I currently have a pair of nike sunglasses that fit great but after several years they are getting pretty beat up.