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  1. How about this little theory...I'll just throw it around? The money ended up in the Columbia River because Cooper ended up in the River. The money stayed intact inside the bag (eventually got free from Cooper); the money bag continued to tumble down the River, it got hung up in the River, upstream from Tena Bar. High water event eventually freed the bag, The bag ended up at Tena Bar for just a short time (the water eventually receded, taking the bag back out to the River bottom again), The bag was quite torn and tattered by this time it arrived at Tena Bar. Three packets managed to break free from the bag before the bag got taken back out. The rubber band was still intact as it was protected quite well inside the tightly wrapped money bag. Ingram must have found the money packets not too long thereafter, as the rubber band(s), although very degraded, were still wrapped around the packets, This means the 3 bundles could not have been at Tena Bar for very long before Ingram found them. An estimate: the 3 bundles arrived late 1979, a few weeks before Feb 1980. MeyerLouie
  2. You know, Robert, it wouldn't hurt you to actually show up at some of the Cooper events,actually meet some of the people that you have been at odds with over the years, vice versa. It might good for everybody...I think you would find that they are not so bad and they would find that you are nor so bad either. Your reputation with the Cooper guys over there needs a little help. I would encourage you to make an effort to go. Please don't regurgitate all the reasons you have for never wanting to meet them. Georger is a great guy, Tom Kay is too, so is 377....go meet them, it will do you good. Meyer
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The book on the lower right, written by the former FBI's been so long since I've been around, I forgot his name and the name of the book. You won't believe this, in the1980s I actually wrote to the guy and requested a copy of the book. He sent me back an autographed copy, and I lost it! I moved so many times in my college years, I think it got chucked, regrettably. I would like to get another copy of the book. Meyer
  4. I bought a copy of the Ha-Ha-Ha book from Dona at Ariel, I am looking at it right now. Never took it all that seriously. I talked with you Robert about the book. I recall you encouraged me to buy a copy, and I did. Has anyone actually read it? MeyerLouie
  5. I can't believe there is no video record of Cooper Con 2021. Someone recorded it, we will find out soon. I can't conceive Eric Ulis letting such an important thing as this getting overlooked.
  6. I have always maintained that Mucklow, not Mitchell, was the witness to listen to. Mucklow sat next to Cooper for hours, she was up close and personal, and she would have been trained, as an airline stewardess, to be observant of details that the common observer would not necessarily notice. Mitchell, on the other hand, was more interested in getting Tina's phone number and getting a date after the flight. I remember trying to meet a pretty girl in my younger days. The last thing I would be looking at is the guy sitting next to her, the guy I am competing against to win her over and gain her affections. Lust has a way of playing tricks on the mind. I seriously doubt that Mitchell was paying much attention to that weird guy sitting next to Tina.. he was probably thinking "what has this guy got that I don't have?" He was looking at her, gentlemen, not him. Not only that, after all these years, any of Mitchell's memories would have have pretty much faded away. He even admitted that, I believe. I have always said that Tina Mucklow is the best, credible observer of DBC on that flight 11/24/71. MeyerLouie
  7. It is such a shame that the DBC party at Ariel is pretty much just a memory now. I went several times over the years. Feeling kind of empty knowing that Dona and Bryan are not around anymore to put on the event. It truly was a great time, I loved it. Met some great, interesting people every time. When Josh Gates put on a party in Ariel the night before the Expedition Unknown shoot, it was great. You were there, Robert, you made one mean hotdog at the BBQ. The good ol' days..... Meyer
  8. Cooper Con has already happened? Just getting back to a Cooper forum after years away. Could not have attended anyway, I live in eastern Washington now. Sounds like a fairly successful symposium...or not? What is your assessment? Meyer
  9. Hello everyone, it's been years since I last visited dropzone. Just wanted to wish all a happy 50th anniversary, tomorrow. Hard to believe tomorrow night will be 50 years ago the DBC hijacking took place. Hope you are all well, and happy thanksgiving. MeyerLouie
  10. Whatever. My answer: ***Are you sure you didn't fudge your way to that P.H.D.? LOL listen to yourself. You've become a victim of the Cooper Curse without a doubt. You've tossed any civility you may have had previously right out the window. All logic has gone. You really should apologize, although I don't expect you to do so. This sometimes, is what goes on in Cooperland. I didn't realize I was so bad. Thank you for setting me straight on that, Meyer. ______________________________________________ Screw you, Troll. I'm outta here. MeyerLouie
  11. Something all users in this forum should take note of. We're getting far too many complaints about the actions and tones in this forum. There are a couple of users in particular being called out for not staying on topic and attacking other users rather than simply talking the merits of theories. It would be a wise man who worried less about others and more about their own words here. None of you are indispensable or fire proof in terms of being banned. The discussions will go on just fine without you. Stick to the topic of the DB Cooper case. You want to attack a theory: fine. Do NOT attack users. You want to talk about DB Cooper: fine. Do NOT bring modern politics into it. Consider this both a global and specific warning at the same time. If you think it applies to you, then tone it down and dial it back. If you don't think it applies to you, then you're wrong. Well, it's easy for me. I refuse to post here under these INTOLERABLE CONDITIONS. You can ban me if you want. I am entitled to my viewpoint on the ROBERTMBLEVINS socalled ADVENTURE BOOKS REGIME that has controlled every facet of life here for three years. As I see this, it is a literal choice between HIM or US! This is a disgrace and crazy on it's face. I have another Cooper forum I can go to if I want, where I have some personal control over matters such as this. Where neither RobertMBlevins/Adventure Books or Jo Weber are allowed, period. The fact is: this forum is not indispensable or fire proof in terms of DB Cooper discussion. The discussions will go on just fine without this thread! In less than a week Blevins will be right back doing "his thing" here, as usual. Aesop's fable applies in this case. A troll is a troll, and can only be a TROLL. ____________________________________________ I'm with Georger, wholeheartedly. I'll take myself out.... MeyerLouie
  12. Blevins said: .... He [MeyerLouie] had a large part in the first few minutes of the video I shot at Ariel last November. If he showed up to the triple-feature in August... ____________________________________________ Feel free to delete me out of your video. Showing up at the Auburn triple feature??? Let's see now....what's that saying about hell freezing over...? MeyerLouie
  13. They had the death penalty set to TEN YEARS OLD at one time? OMG. Tell you one thing. This woman is being released, sure. But she needs to be permanently banned from owning any knives. _____________________________________________ There you go again, Blevins -- and what relevance does this have to DB Cooper...???? It just doesn't get through, does it? MeyerLouie
  14. Is that how you see things? LOL you haven't contributed a thing except over-the-top, garbage-mouth insults for weeks now. Sometimes one right on top of the other. When I met you at Ariel, you seemed like a nice guy. Now it's gotten to the point where Gayla thinks you might actually be dangerous in real life. No kidding. (She doesn't post here, but she occasionally drops by just to read what's going on.) One thing you do is keep calling everything I have presented a lie. But you've never said which, what, or where. Just 'everything'. As if I would be stupid enough to put my name, address, and phone number on a false report to a Seattle FBI office only twenty miles from my house. Do you realize what would happen to me if the FBI went around and checked those allegations, wasting their time, and found out it was all a pack of lies? They would probably arrest me on some Federal charge or another. And I'm not stupid enough to put myself into that situation. So stop saying I lied about everything unless you are ready to prove it. If you are really here to discuss the Cooper case, then back off and start doing it. _____________________________________________ Actually I'm not all that dangerous in real life -- I just have this thing for not caring what I say to people I have absolutely no respect for. If I were dangerous in real life, then I wouldn't have a PhD and be teaching at a well respected university. They don't hire dangerous people here. This is a public forum, Blevins, not real life -- although for you, I can see how fantasy and reality have gotten confused for you here. I don't think you intentionally lie, Blevins. You just go off half-cocked, and the erroneous information that comes out just sounds like a lie. I probably shouldn't fault you for your inability to logically think things through and your inability to critically think about things. But I do fault you for using the forum for your personal and financial gain. Sounds like Smokin's words have given you a ton of confidence. I'm going to take her motherly advice and just try to ignore you. You and everyone else here know exactly where I stand and what I really think of you. I can let up on that. So, I guess this means I won't be getting a Christmas card this year, huh? MeyerLouie
  15. Really? Case closed? Says who? Name a verifiable source, please. Marla Cooper claimed the same thing in December 2011 and so far that hasn't happened. On the chance you are right, then you never know. Maybe they ARE closing the case. Maybe the Seattle FBI finally took the time to go around and talk to a few people. Hey, it could happen. I gave them a not-too-bad head start.