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  1. DrRead

    Skydive NOVA

    No complaints here. The locals at this DZ are top class. The people here make the DZ. It may only be a 182 DZ but you forget about that quickly as you take in some of the best views of any Canadian DZ. Location is 5 minutes from downtown Salmon Arm and the landing area is large and grassy. I will make every attempt to travel the 9 hour drive again next year! A+
  2. DrRead


    Downsized from a Pilot 150 (1.23WL) to a Zulu 132 (1.4WL). It has some similar characteristics to the Pilot but still quite a different beast. Very snappy. I find the recovery arc is fairly quick. Responsive toggle inputs. I like how quick and on-heading the openings are. I have about 30 wingsuit jumps on it and have only had 2-3 off heading openings. I wouldn't load it much more than 1.4 in a Wingsuit. There are no surprises with this canopy, I feel as though it does exactly what I ask of it.
  3. DrRead

    Skydive Lost Prairie

    Was here for the boogie so that's all I can write about. Landing area was huge. Super fun vibe here with lots of coaching (boogie). Nice lake close by for some swimming. Parties were great and aircraft were awesome!
  4. DrRead

    Kapowsin Air Sports

    I came here on vacation and did 4 jumps. I didn't stay long enough to get to know many people but everyone seemed very nice. I can see potential to progress should one utilize this facility as their home DZ. Lots of wingsuiters which was good to see. World class talent here also. Well organized so lots of loads in a day is possible as long as the weather holds up. A bit of a drive from Seattle but worth it!
  5. DrRead

    Skydive Snohomish

    I came from Canada and did a few jumps here. Nice place, good people, professional, and polite. I really had no complaints until I landed in the designated field for B License
  6. DrRead

    WS Deployment

  7. DrRead

    Wingsuit Course

  8. DrRead

    WS Exit

  9. DrRead

    Pass the Pull up Cord

  10. DrRead

    Sitfly at ASD

  11. DrRead

    Wingsuit Course

  12. DrRead

    Icon NeXgen

    Custom ordered mine. Came exactly as I wanted it. Perfect fit and finish. Ballistic material is awesome, kinda sucks it wasn't available in more colours. I've got about 120 jumps on mine with zero issues. Make sure you get the magnetic riser covers, they rock. Highly recommended!
  13. DrRead

    Eden North Skydive Center

    Can't really say anything bad about this DZ. Lyal is a very helpful dude. Good aircraft. Very organized here, safety is key. Kind of a belly DZ but thats just fine.
  14. DrRead

    Gatineau Ottawa Skydive

    Had a super fun time and will return. Nice landing area. Caravan aircraft was pretty nice. A cool younger crowd of people. Decent scenery. Packing area is basically a large tent and works just fine unless it gets hot out. I recommend!