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  1. I now hate the word "so". Like the song in Disney's ride, "It's a Small Small world". As long as you never paid any attention to it to start with, it doesn't bother you. Now that it's in my head, I hear it used all the time. "So" As the first word in a reply NOW drives me nuts. so,so,so,so ... so there! AUHGGGGGGGGG!
  2. Wendy, This is a new magazine style blog on the subject of cyber security. Entry to a slightly higher level. It covers most things an elderly first timer could absorb in 20 minutes about internet security. HTH
  3. Perhaps the most important item of internet discussions should begin with your security while online. Although this isn't exactly what you requested it may lead you to more helpful articles. Good luck.
  4. I found the post I was looking for, the image was no longer attached, but does refer to it.. It was a banner Clewiston hung over the main drag (US27 I think) welcoming skydivers. I think it was for the Everglades boogie a few years back. I wanted it for a digital scrap book.
  5. Thank you Chiquita. That did the trick. I was looking for a jpeg I posted loooooong ago, lost it somewhere during computer upgrades or such.
  6. I am having difficulty finding posts I made before the "new & improved" forum was launched. Using the "search" function isn't providing results. Perhaps this has been asked and answered, but I be dammed if I can find answers using the search box. I have tried "name that subject" on google, which is normally reliable. None of my posts before Jan 2019 show. If I enter "all posts by skyjames", in search here, or any variant, I only get the same 4 or so posts, I know there are many more. For instance: If I enter "Clewiston" and by author (me) I get no results, yet I know I posted content containing that. Steer me in the right direction please.
  7. Turn out the lights PLEASE! Ok, maybe just dim them a little. Tone down the white space here and other web sites with an add-on extension for Firefox (there are others out there for other platforms). This isn't the only website that's kinda well lit. What it does: "An extension for Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera and Edge designed to render a web page more readable in a dark environment by decreasing page brightness or by increasing page contrast. This extension also have a night mode who apply an orange filter on the page to limit the blue light emitted by the screen. The page contrast increasing mode has many color themes. The extension has also a mode to invert the colors of the images to make them stand out better when the page contrast increasing mode is enabled. This extension is available in English and in french" Hope this helps if you have the "that's to bright" syndrome like I had..
  8. How about a funnel cake. "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  9. I should come clean on why I need this burner phone. This is my problem. Dial back the calendar a few years We were at a rock concert, three deep from the stage. The music was so loud the only way to talk to the person next to you was to text back and forth. With the nod of her head Amy told me to follow her outside so we could hear each other. As things often happen, we became involved. After a whirlwind romance we drifted apart but kept in touch. A few years later by happenstance we met again and shared our lives. Soon we were involved again. The problem with this is we were both married to other people. After that brief interlude we again drifted apart but not because of our marriage status. I didn't know it at the time, our last encounter produced a child. My wife found out about the affair accidentally while looking for a contact on my phone. She didn't know who it was and I never told her. It was my stupidity for leaving old texts on the phone. After some yelling, tears and soul searching my wife forgave me. Obviously I now have a new phone and number and promised my wife I would never have contact with Amy again, so all's well that ends well. When I found out I was a father I offered to support Amy and our daughter but she decided it was best for all if she let her husband think he was the father. Not being able to know or watch my daughter grow up was a pain I had to bear. If I were any good at nefarious activities perhaps things would have unfolded differently. My wife would have never found out about my affair and I would still have my old phone filled with illicit memories. Maybe somehow I could have known my daughter, even if she didn't know me as her father. Probably the silver lining to this dark cloud is I had no pictures of Amy on my phone and her contact was a nick name. It was a god send Amy had a new phone because my wife called the old number and the man who answered was clueless. If Amy still had her old phone number, or I had her pictures on my phone, my marriage would have been over. My wife would have recognized any picture or her real name as being a mutual friend from our past, the ending would have been the same. Aside from the feelings I hurt, which I don't consider a small issue, I was a dog with it's tail between it's legs. Now comes my friend who knows and has kept in touch with both me and Amy, telling me she wants contact. He knows our history and let me opt to give out my new number or not. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, with all that being said, now ... the truth. Old friend I used to party around, booze and smoke the evil weed with, wants to contact me for who knows what reason. Fact is, we grew apart because I grew up and he didn't. Not quite the soap opera as the other story :-) but true. Just call me a skeptic. hence the phone thing. "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  10. But _very_ easy to trace. Not when they are cunningly disguised as two tin cans, with Campbells soup labels... The tell tell ring around the ear is a dead give away you are using older technology to hide something. You should be okay though, it's not recorded. "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  11. Pardon my ignorance on this issue, but I have never had a reason to even want to know how these work. The prepaid or burner phone thing. I always assumed it was one of those throw away phones you see in movies that you buy at a kiosk in a mall or a convenience store, use it until the minutes were up and then toss it. I went online to buy one and was surprised that you don't get a phone, you get a phone number emailed to you and when that number is called it is forwarded to your actual phone. Granted I didn't do an in depth search. I can understand the technology on forwarding a call, but it does leave you unguarded since the whole idea of not giving your phone number out by using a "burner" phone is negated. I learned from a friend that an old acquaintance wanted to get in touch with me. I don't have a problem talking to that party but developing anything past that could be problematic, hence my phone anonymity plan. Can anyone bring me up to speed on this? "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  12. I read a year or more ago about researchers working on solving 'ALL' cancer problems the same way AIDS invades and attacks the immune system, "all we got to do is piggy-back a genetically altered t-cell, introduce it to the body and voilà! we just cured Leukemia." They actually have done that, though the solution only created more questions. CAR-T cells (Adoptive T-cell), is some interesting reading. Only reason I was reading about it is someone I knew might have benefited. Nice to see the research continues. One example, a company in San Diego was awarded a grant. Poseida: Awarded $3.99 Million CIRM Grant to Support Preclinical Development of P-PSMA-101, a T Stem Cell Memory CAR-T Therapy for Prostate Cancer Lots of protesting about using stem cells for research considering where the harvest occurs. I'm not referring to somatic stem cells, they exist throughout the body. Edit for spelling and clarification. "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  13. Hey MB, In 6 months you lost a lot. No liposuction? (j/k) I attached a pic of the difference between 300lbs and 215, took him 3 years. Huge shout out to ya! congrats. His goal wasn't to skydive though, he wanted MMA status. We all have reasons for what we do, motives help. Lets see ... can't sleep, all you think about is skydiving, elevated bio's ... FEAR! Been there, done that, but I really wanted to skydive from jump #1. I would have heart palliation during the drive to the dz, in retrospect it may have been fear that I didn't recognize. I thought it was anticipation. Different ppl take a see-saw amount of time to overcome their fear, fear of the door for instance. Some in as little as 1 jump, others upwards of 50. That part (according to me) is all in your mind. My fear popped up differently on skydives. On my 1st jump while at the door doing the up/down in/out all I could think about is: are these airplane walls really this thin? I feared my release jump, "you really gonna let go of me!" Oh crap! what am I going to do now? You don't mention being rigid on a jump, potato chipping etc, or huge letters in your log book saying RELAX RELAX RELAX. eh, none of that really matters, what matters is what you want. If you really want to skydive, I mean have it in your mind that skydiving is akin to breathing, you'll find ways to overcome any fear, paralyzing or other. If you are afraid of dying, welcome to the club. You can die having this much fun. If you don't like skydiving I'm not going to try and talk you into liking it. A lot of skydivers grapple with fear of something, they either overcome the fear or stop. Just because your wife skydives doesn't mean you have to, just support her choice, by far you will come out ahead. At least you can understand her desire. I had to laugh when I read you only enjoyed the skydive in the few hundred feet before pull time. You do realize how small a time frame that is. I'll give that, 'writers prerogative'. I've seen ppl kiss the ground after landing, no way in hell are they ever jumping out of a plane again. (prolly buying new undies on the way home) Kinda like the saying, " I'd rather be on the ground wishing I were up there, than up there wishing I were on the ground." Those few hundred feet before pull time you enjoy I call anticipation, like unwrapping a present wanting to see what's inside the box. Your description of the canopy opening said a lot, you enjoyed the gift. We all enjoy that gift :-D You enjoy the flight time under canopy, do hop n pops after attaining a license, just do them from 10K. I was told that I would lose interest in flying around by myself and want to join in on the group skydives, I was told right. Still enjoy a high hop n pop sunset jump with others. Right time for the right jump. Wind tunnels are a whole bunch of fun, unlike skydiving you are less likely to die in one from fear. You are giving it your best shot, otherwise we wouldn't be reading a fine story and perhaps teasing you a little.(at least I am) This is as close to a real bonfire chat you can get without actually being at one. btw, I had nightmares about skydiving early on. After I packed my first canopy to jump the next day I told Packing Cathy she could take it apart and do it correct. Thanks to her remark "don't worry, they are designed to open," I did get a hour or two sleep that night. Do a search on Dan Rossi in skydiving, learn what overcoming something is really like. Each persons fear manifests differently, hope you conquer yours. Touch your handles, touch them in order, rely on your training, that's worked for a lot of us. Soon fear becomes, "get on the damn plane already, can't you see those clouds moving in!" Good luck! and an update would be nice, nosy ppl want to know how ya make out. Edit to add: The guy in the pic is 5'11" "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james
  14. Better yet ... everyone that has the 'cat' position has to have a real cat. You don't have to worry they will fall off, they will dig the claws in. Hence no de-clawed cats unless you want extra points. "exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile" 'nother james