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  1. i heard there was going to be a good pilot and a fast plane. oh, and a lot of badass girls that skydive. what else could you ask for? be there!
  2. I agree that head down is the sexiest type of freefly. but head up is starting to grow on me. and it is a lot harder than most give it credit for. anyway, I am asking for the videos that show the most talented head up flyers. if you can find one or have one please postit here to help me through cabin fever of wintertime. thanks
  3. Update
  4. I drove the route from Knoxville, TN up to Arlington, VA about this time last year (October 19-24) and it was beautiful. Awesome time of year for some sight seeing and country road riding indeed!
  5. the weekend that I did my last jump for my A license my DZO called me up to manifest and asked me if I was looking to buy gear. I said yes, but that I wasnt exactly sure what I was going to buy or if I would buy new or used. He said he had a rig that would be great for me so I tried it on. the fit was great and even though it was a couple years old it only had 5 jumps on it. he said "well, what do you think? Do you want it?" I said yes, but I only had about a quarter of the money at the time. I sent the rig home with our rigger for an inspect and reserve repack. He brought it back the next weekend and said everything was in mint condition and ready to go. My DZO actually let me jump the rig for 3 weekends before I finally paid him the balance. in short, I got a great rig that fits me to a T with an awesome canopy in great condition for a great price! I couldnt believe it! Every jump I get on it gets better and better! To be quite honest, as much as I love this sport, if it wasnt for all the great people involved being positive and encouraging me and all the other newbies I dont know if I would have made it even this far. The family atmosphere really goes a long way for keeping new jumpers in the mix and motivated.
  6. I dont know this one might already have been posted in this thread but its worth seeing again. Very well shot, edited and the chic is a certified sexy beast! Whats not to like?
  7. These are not skydive but they motivate me like nothing else. This is the one that got in my blood. I like watching skydive/base on YT so I will continue to post a few more.
  8. Travis Pastrana Nowadays he does Nitro Circus and races Rally Car. Ive been following him since I used to race motocross. He was a prodigy. Won every amateur national back in the day and then pro. Was home schooled and graduated college at 16. Turned pro and won racing and freestyle simultaneously. Definitely a dork, and brilliant at the same time.
  9. I want to see it bad but its not playing in any theaters in my area. Guess Ill have to wait til it comes out on DVD. Also, I must add that Jolene is hot!
  10. I marked quite a few on the list and Ill throw another in there that I dont think has been mentioned yet. What about sister-in-law? I dont know if its totally inappropriate but, it feels a little weird. Am I the only one guilty here???
  11. "oh, knitting is boring." loved that part of the interview!!
  12. Very cool! I like the music as well. The last shot near the cliff was awesome.
  13. Watched the Swedish? version on Netflix yesterday with subtitles. It was kind of annoying at first having to read the subtitles, but after awhile I didnt even notice anymore. I liked it alot. Really want to check out the American version as soon as I can. Oh, and I thought the chick was badass! I dig tattoos on a chick!
  14. I had to look at the link to confirm...definitely looks like she works as a chimney sweep. haha
  15. either burnt to a crisp or painted with orange spray on tan. cant really tell from here. every time I see her I can just hear Paris Hilton in my head saying "thats hot!"...literally. not a fan of the look.