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  1. I would say I have average size hands and I ordered the standard size. Quite frequently I use the neumann gloves and it fits fine over them. The mount does adjust for things like gloves.
  2. I bought that one myself a couple of years ago and it works very well. It is quite comfortable and doesn't move around on your wrist. I definitely recommend it.
  3. Thank you so much DSE for your advice on focus settings. I got my first two jumps on my new cx150 camera setup this weekend and the footage is absolutely crystal clear, near and far. I love this damn camera !!
  4. Well, for the most part, aside from some tweaking and actually jumping and fine tuning the angle, I got 'er done! It took quite a bit of modifying the Flat Lock Adapter to fit the slope of the helmet, but it mates pretty good with the shell. One question though...in the instructions that came with the adapter, it didn't say anything about putting threadlock on the "nuts" for the mount. Should I even mess with that?
  5. No, I am definitely not going to forego the audible. I will keep that in the right pocket. I was just considering using the free left pocket for the Hypeye. But I like the idea of putting it just below the mount on the back of the helmet
  6. Okay, I just thought of another question. I have a Hypeye D Pro, and I was thinking of mounting it inside the helmet so only the button sticks out. I want to put it right in the center of the audible pocket on the left hand side...so I can wind up any extra wire there and chances are I won't really feel it because it is designed to hold an audible. My concern is (given that I am going to be drilling about a 5/8" hole within 2 1/2" of the chinstrap bolt) it could create a weak point in the carbon fiber and risk cracking it at the hole. Any thoughts on this? Should I be concerned or just go with it?
  7. Thanks Lance...that's good info. Now, assuming there may be some tweaking (forward to back), would you recommend drilling new holes, or dremeling the first set of holes to create like a "slot" of sorts (assuming the first set of holes is only off a half inch or so)?
  8. I've done a lot of searching with regards to video camera angle and I just want to clarify before I drill into my $200 Mindwarp that I really can't afford to replace. On the advice of Cookie Composites, I have a Flatlock adapter (complete setup = flatlock adapter, liquid flatlock, cookie cage for a cx150) that I am mounting on my Bonehead Mindwarp helmet. I will primarily be filming RW and from what I have read, MOST folks recommend a "flat angle". Is that to mean, parallel to ground when I am standing straight up wearing the helmet? I really don't want to have to redrill the holes if I can avoid it. Thanks for any advice on this.
  9. Hey Folks, Kinda having a tough time finding any info on this. Would a ZKulls attachment system fit on the top mounting surface of the NVertigo-V helmet. The only info I can find is that it will fit on a flat surface larger than 2.5"x2.5", but I don't have the helmet yet to know if that top surface is big enough. Anyone have this helmet that could measure that for me? Thanks, Matt
  10. I was thinking about using a Flatlock so the camera is easily removable: http://cookiecomposites.com/shop/helmetaccessories/25/index.htm And I know this adapter probably wouldn't work, but something similar to adapt it to the Mindwarp helmet: http://cookiecomposites.com/shop/helmetaccessories/26/index.htm
  11. I haven't purchased the Cookie box yet, but I plan on doing so in about a month. I will get the "side mount" box. I am just not sure what other "adapters" I will need to make it work with my Mindwarp. I really don't have the cash to get another helmet. What exactly do you mean by "links to the different components"?
  12. I have searched the forums and can't seem to find an answer to my question. I have a Mindwarp helmet and a CX150 camera. I plan on using the Cookie box for the camera but I would also like to use something like a Liquid Flatlock so I can remove the camera easily when I am not shooting video. Has anyone used or seen this type of setup and what type of adapter would I need? Also to note...I would prefer to sidemount the camera versus topmounting it. Thanks for any help on this.
  13. Does anyone have any experience using the new Sony Webbie camcorder? Any comments on quality/functionality are welcome.
  14. I had the exact same problem. I wound up getting myself a nice pair of Gatorz sunglasses, and now the problem is no more...plus, I have a sweet looking pair of sunglasses for everyday use to boot
  15. For anyone that is interested...I built a reserve/cypres reminder screensaver that runs on Flash. You can check it out and/or download it free here: http://www.packing-made-simple.com/reminder.html